A different way to look at GAINS IN THE GYM!

So many of us only look at gains in the gym as a sense of “I lifted X amount of weight more than last time.”

When you've been in the gym for many years you just find ways to continue to get results without as much risk of injury.

Work smarter…AND HARDER!

I never realized some of the gains I was making until I really thought about the entire process of what I was doing one day.

I began looking at the gym and my workouts in a whole new light, and it served to motivate me to continue to do more.

The days of going for a max bench press are long over, but these are the new tales of high adventure! 

Train hard!! -JD


4 thoughts on “A different way to look at GAINS IN THE GYM!”

  1. Thanks for this podcast. It really struck a cord with me. I’m 42 and don’t consider myself old but definitely gym old with 22 years under the iron. I know I will never be able to pull off the PR numbers when I was in my 20’s due to the general wear and tear. Now is the time to focus on the quality – that graininess/hardness. Going lighter and forgetting about that “hypertrophy” range and allowed me to keep going. I think you’re right, at some point you gotta let go of the gym numbers or else you end up spending your golden years with extreme arthritis.


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