Full Body Training with John Doe

Hey guys, today we have a new routine that covers a full body workout routine for you below!

Too many guys are walking into the gym and thinking they have to do way too much stuff!

Let’s keep it simple.

Today we are going to go over a simple, full body workout that consists of only 8 different exercises.

This routine will keep us out of the gym for 2 – 3 days to rest. But that doesn’t mean you sit on your ass for those days!

Use one of those days to hit your cardio, abs, stretching, and yoga. Just do something to take care of your body!

The John Doe 8 Step Full Body Routine

1. Chest – Incline chest press machine

With all the exercises we will follow the same sequence of steps: 2 to 3 warmup sets followed by a hard ass work set!


Warm up set 1: One plate per side for 12 reps

Warm up set 2: Two plates per side for 8 reps

Warm up set 3: Heavier warm up set

Work set (the hell set!)

In addition to the work set I am really put myself through hell by doing a technique called a static hold!

A static hold is simply when you raise the weight once and then lower it about half way down. Keep it there for an extended period of time.

Just lower the weight half way down, hold on, and suffer!

2. Lateral pulldowns with a wide parallel grip

I do these pulldowns for back thickness; I do rows for back width.

After your warm up sets, do a work set to as many reps as you can get.

I am not letting you go that easy though!

You can use the technique I use in this video called rest-pause training.

With this technique you do as many reps as you can, take a short 15 second break, and then throw yourself back in to get another 5 additional reps!

You can keep following this pattern and continue to get more reps in. Just take a short break and then go back in for more!

3. Seated cable rows

These are for back width.

Do these the exact way as you did the pulldowns for exercise #2 above.

Start with some warm up sets and then have your work set be as many reps as you can get in.

Go to failure!

And when I say FAILURE, I mean FAILURE! I don’t mean when it starts to hurt or when you get tired.

What I mean is when you actually, physically fail.

4. Side lateral raises

These are for your shoulders guys!

Same pattern here as all the other exercises guys (I like to keep things simple):

– Light warm up

– Moderate warm up

– Heavy warm up (optional if you feel you are ready to go right into the work set after the moderate warm up)

– Work set

5. Leg extensions

Remember I said full body work out so we can’t forget the legs!

Try to get at least 12 reps in on your work set for leg extensions.

You can also try to use the rest-pause technique for these to get in a few more reps.

6. Lying leg curls

Follow the same routine as above.

Do that work set heavy and really work your hamstrings!

7. Barbell squats

Follow the same routine as above for the warm ups and work set.

8. Seated calf press

I like to use the rest-pause technique when I am doing calf presses!

And remember guys: you are doing only one work set for all these exercises so it’s gotta be intense.

If someone put a gun to your head and said to do more reps, would you listen to him?

Okay then you are not done yet!

Remember: the set’s not over when it starts to hurt; that’s when the set begins.

And there you have it guys: a full body workout that’s sufficient enough to keep you off the weights for 2 – 3 days.

Train hard!

– JD

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19 thoughts on “Full Body Training with John Doe”

    • Got it from Strongsupplements.com, the quality is really good too, it stays fitted to your body and doesn’t loosen up after you wash it (like a lot of T-shirts do)

  1. Awesome workout, love the demonstration of going to REAL failure, non of this I made it to 12 so I am done BS. I started to go to REAL failure, not anywhere near the weight you do but it it really makes a difference when you do.
    Thx JDB

    • Yea, I slipped up there in one part, I said back width for rows but I meant rowing is for thickness. You have to understand, we film these in the morning sometimes and my body is awake but my brain isn’t

  2. Is this a good routine to follow while cutting? Also, if I see there is no targeted arm work, what would you recommend if I wanted to hit my arms a bit more (weak spot)? Thanks.

    • I did a routine just like that once every 3 days the last time I prepared for a bodybuilding competition, and came in looking my best ever. The only reason arms aren’t shown is because it was just an off the wall workout where I didn’t put them in there, but next workout I would probably do something for arms. A lot of this is instinctive, but training like this I hit the same muscle groups 2-3x/wk

  3. Do you think leg extensions are necessary? I don’t know what to think of them myself. Some people say they ruin your knees and other people swear by them. I’ve been avoiding them just to err on the side of caution – I’d rather not have a case of exploding knees – but am I missing out?

    • I’ve always done them myself, they’ve never ruined my knees, if anything they always served as a good warmup before squats or presses to AVOID ruining my knees. You just don’t have to go super heavy on them, just go for a good pump

  4. Awesome bro! I’m from Cuba but I live in Canada now.I’ve been looking for the real deal since I got here to Canada and I’m pretty sure I found it :) I’m sick of all the pretty faces teaching all those “cutting age” programs. I remember that Everytime I come back to Cuba I see all my friends getting bigger than ever! there are not fancy supplements (testosterone yes) and the food it’s really crap. What really make me think is that I’ve tried all kind of stuff here and I’m not getting the same results as them(my friends). So, From now on,I’m gonna follow all your tips,man!You seem real ✌????

  5. Never one for full body workout but sounds like a good idea when busy throughout the week. Nice info.

    What are some good exercises to get a muscular neck ?

    • never trained my neck outside of doing trap work, my neck has always grown proportionately to the rest of me. Most gyms dont have neck machines anymore, but there are custom straps they sell for the neck, look into “spud inc” straps

  6. Can I do this 2x weekly and gain?
    I train Martial Arts 2 days for 45 minutes which I also use as my cardio and follow a 30 minute yoga recovery session once weekly.
    This would give me 2 complete rest days.
    Thank you for addressing my concern.

  7. Hi JD

    I’ve been training constantly for over 8 years and I’ve built a solid base. I’ve cycled between 4 day Upper/Lower, 5 day “Bro Splits” and 6 day PPL. I’ve been looking into doing Full Body Training and I really like the way you’ve set out your routine with 2-3 warm up sets with 1 all out set with a special technique.

    Just wondering, do you think with a TRT dose of Test, clean diet with plenty of protein and carbs etc, would someone be able to recover from doing a routine like this 4 times a week? Such as Monday, Tuesday, REST, Thursday, REST, Saturday, REST. And by switching up exercises, like Chest Machine one session, Chest Dips the next etc?

    Thanks for your help with this!

    • It all depends on how you’re feeling. There are times where I’ll actually work chest and arms 2 or 3 days in a row if I’m feeling recovered enough (THIS is usually on cycle, off cycle I don’t recover as fast) but it’s not a staple. I might do that one week and then I may not return to those muscle groups for another 7 or 8 days. It’s all in how I feel. What I’ve learned abt the body and bodybuilding is to learn your body, fuck all the rules, go by how you feel 100%. But be honest with yourself in the process. Try it out and if after a cpl weeks you’re feeling spent then throw a day off inbetween or just do cardio that day. Best of luck


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