How to Find the Right Fitness Coach or Personal Trainer

When it comes to looking for a trainer/fitness coach it's easy to find a bad one and difficult to find a good one. The problem is, if you're inexperienced or have never met your goals then you may not know the difference.

What you want to be careful of is someone who simply uses their title or status to convince you their a good fitness coach. Many of these individuals will not change and adapt your training/nutrition as you change and this is something that has to be done sometimes (however, they also need to know when to not change anything. If it's not broken then there is no reason to fix it!)

What you'll end up getting is some cookie cutter program they give to anyone and everyone, and the client  is so hung up on WHO their trainer is they neglect to notice that nothing ever changes.

A good fitness coach will become more of your teammate than anything. They will be there to explain to you what you're about to go through or what you're about to experience going into a certain phase of the training. They will be receptive to certain information you provide them about your body.

Another important thing to look for in a good trainer is one who understands your lifestyle and obligations. They'll understand that not everyone wants to step on a bodybuilding stage and often times dinner and drinks is part of business and making money.

They will adapt your training and diet to accommodate your obligations and lifestyle while still making enough adjustments for you to get results!

A good trainer will also be honest and up front with you and basically tell you there is only so far you're going to go before the diet and training begins to mess with your lifestyle and/or family.

Let's be honest here, most people in the fitness industry are single and there is a good reason for that. The lifestyle can be a self-absorbed one if you let it get to that point. If you have a family then you need someone who understands that. Sometimes it's hard for someone who has never had your responsibilities/obligations to understand that.

In either event, I believe that we take the paths that we want to take. It doesn't make someone wrong or right, but sometimes it's just easier to relate to individuals with similar circumstances in life.

There is no reason to hire someone who wants you in the gym 6 days a week for 3 hours at a shot if you have a full time job and a family, that is not realistic.

Something else to look for in a trainer is someone who understands the aging process and how adjustments should be made for people of different age levels and performance levels.

A 19 year old teenager may know how to get big and ripped up, but he may not understand that HIS 6,000 calorie a day diet isn't suitable for a 55 year old middle-aged male who wants to gain muscle without excessive body fat.

Certain trainers may not understand that there are certain movements that aren't as suitable for some people as they are for others. For example, some people just cannot do squats without aggravating back pain from a slipped or herniated disk in their back. You are at no advantage of hiring someone who does not understand this (however, some people are honestly just wusses and use this as an excuse).

If you're looking for a prep coach for a bodybuilding or physique event then the trainer has to be willing to be in frequent contact with you as the show gets closer. The last few weeks before a bodybuilding/physique event your body is like a pendulum and can swing one way or the other on almost a daily basis.

You also need someone who is mentally tough and can tell you to ignore things you experience as the event draws nearer. It helps when the person you've hired has been through the same struggles you will go through when preparing for an event.

John Doe Bodybuilding Fitness Coaching & Personal Training

If you're looking for a no bullshit fitness coach and don't know where to turn, then hire JDB!

I will keep you on track and I can show you the path to take to get to where you want to be. I will get some information from you, your daily layout and responsibilities, and then plug things in accordingly.

I find a way to make fitness work for you, not against you!

But I'm not for the mentally weak and I'm not here be anyone's shrink. There are no gray areas with me, you are either going to do this or you're not, period!

If you have the desire to make some major changes but just need the game-plan, then this is where I come into play. I'll show you the way and you put in the effort, bottom line!

Whoever you hire if you choose to hire some help, then just make sure they suit your needs. And just because someone isn't a good fit doesn't always mean they're a bad trainer. They may just be a bad trainer FOR YOU.

In any event, train hard everyone! -JD

PS – I offer fitness & bodybuilding coaching. Check out the JDB training packages and prices here.


10 thoughts on “How to Find the Right Fitness Coach or Personal Trainer”

  1. It’s really funny. I was in the middle of writing a review of my whole training with you.

    But honestly, you really hit all the points possible.

    Some quick story, I was a skinny fat dude. You may have seen photos of me as I was in both of JD’s competition.

    Look guys, if you are serious about doing something with your body, JD is the guy to talk to. It’s not going to be easy. But anything worth having isn’t easy to get. I had a plan for my body and I told JD that plan.

    He gave me exactly that with some of his own tweaks that only made the results better.

    Any question I had – answered.

    We had cell phone conversations and it wasn’t all about training. Some of it was motivating and others were shooting the shit.

    For young guys, this is one of the best parts of your life. It’s going to be hard. It’s going to be tough. Toward the end your muscles will ache and bitch.

    But you are going to get two things – discipline and confidence.

    We can all use more of that. Plus, you can carry that into other areas of your life. Work, relationships, and other goals.

    I started another personal project and since I know what it takes to achieve change, I trust the process.

    You will too.

    Thanks JD. If you choose to work with him, you won’t regret it.

    Peace out.

  2. Serious question Uncle:

    What is your approach to fitness for somebody who smokes pot to go to sleep? I typically smoke at night, but I kick ass in the gym and am getting into healthy eating little by little

    • I have a beginner program I built from Body of a Spartan (I got to intermediate on there, it feels amazing!). My homeboy and my dad used your 125 Routine at home with great results.

      Best believe Imma be going to my Uncle John when I carve the body!

  3. To be honest man, I haven’t ever seen a personal trainer that I would EVER be comfortable recommending to someone I know. I understand that it is all a matter of perspective. People like you and I have multiple years of consistency in the gym. You know what I’m talking about.

    Maybe I’m just seeing the bottom of the barrel. Honestly, I don’t think so though. What are your thoughts?

    • You’re seeing the bottom of the barrel lately because the people who hire these guys care more about the sales pitch than the delivery. As long as someone can talk up someone good enough they could look like shit on shingles and still be a high demand trainer. Not to mention, a lot of people who hire trainers really don’t know enough about it to know who is good or not, they have no idea

  4. Hey John as a personal trainer myself I’m kinda curious what would you say is the most important thing you do to build trust with your customers when you first meet with them?

    • I talk to them in an initial meet and greet and information session. I find out about their lives, then I talk to them about a game-plan.


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