I got Straight F*cked up on my Dirt Bike!

Sorry guys, I just got released from the hospital today after spending the past 2 weeks in there. I got f*cked up in a dirt bike crash. But the show must go on, ain’t no stopping just because of some mishap! Listen to the details in this podcast!


Click the play button below to listen to I got Straight F*cked up on my Dirt Bike!

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3 thoughts on “I got Straight F*cked up on my Dirt Bike!”

  1. Damn dude. And you had to bring us a podcast post haste. I admire your tenacity, but damn… Hope you recover quickly. You are always an inspiration.

  2. Damn dude! That sucks. Get well soon. Yeah everyone that I know that rides has crashed and have metal in their bodies. It’s a sad reality.

    • Yep, part of the metal club now myself. But I’ll recover 100% from this. I should be cleared to begin training again in 2 more weeks, thanks for listening/following! -JD


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