How to SERIOUSLY DIET for long-term bodybuilding success!

I feel like there are gray areas that aren't talked about in bodybuilding and nutrition.

The problem with these gray areas and no coverage is probably due to the difficulties in explaining something that doesn't sound black and white and the fact that IT'S HARDER to explain it.

Also, bodybuilding is all about what's hot and cold at the time.

Sometimes pieces of the puzzle are missing and it takes a long time to find them.

Fuck all that, I can give you those pieces of the puzzle right now!

I WISH…I WISH SO FUCKING BAD, that I had someone to explain this stuff to me the way I'm explaining it to you.

I wouldn't have wasted as much time trying to figure things out.

I would have just followed the things I listened to and got results.

So many people question EVERYTHING nowadays.

It's not a bad thing to question things from time to time, but just practice what I talk about and trust someone for once in your damn life!

From everything I talk about openly online, to the ones I coach and consult with me; the ones who follow the plans and don't question shit ALWAYS LOOK AMAZING!

Please give the “How to diet for long-term bodybuilding success” a listen, and think about how you can put this practice into your own life and start kicking ass and taking names!

It's 9:35pm right now, time for some slow digesting carbs and canned chicken and black beans. I can't wait to kill that gym tomorrow morning! WOOHOO!

If you enjoy the podcasts and articles and would like to dive deeper into my world of bodybuilding and nutrition then be sure to check out the ebooks I have written that cover in much more detail these gray sort of areas that I speak of!



6 thoughts on “How to SERIOUSLY DIET for long-term bodybuilding success!”

  1. I hear ya concerning the phones in the gym, and the lack of respect for others in the gym. Being a former gym owner myself in the late 80’s to mid 90’s, I would have had issues with what I see going on today . Your info and opinion concerning realistic eating for bodybuilding is spot on

  2. Oh man! I hear ya! Don’t get me started about the little bitches and punks in the gym. I had to kick some asshole off the leg press because he was playing a fucking game on his cell phone while sitting on it! Then there’s those entitled boys that never rerack the weights they use.
    Good podcast brother.


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