Why You Need A Break From Steroid Cycles

I try to keep my literature fairly transparent about what I do. I'm not a “natty” nor am I a “fake natty.”

No Sir, I'm a full fledged gear user till the day I fucking die!

I've always talked a lot about steroids, different compounds and cycles, and the way to properly use anabolic steroids, HGH, and other performance enhancers.

But I never really talked about why someone may want to take a break from steroid cycles.

I'm not talking about taking a break from testosterone replacement therapy if you're on that. I'm talking about taking breaks from actual CYCLES.

You see, much of what I write and talk about is based on my own experience and what I'm thinking myself. I know if I'm thinking about some of this stuff then someone else out there probably is too!

So as much as I love anabolics, educating people on anabolics, and being real about how far you can go between being natural or not natural, I sort of felt that it was my obligation to provide you with some insight on why someone may want to take the occasional break from a steroid cycle.

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3 thoughts on “Why You Need A Break From Steroid Cycles”

  1. LOVE your site, your podcasts and the various e-books I’ve bought from you.
    The only thing I would say is that it horrifies me when you go on about being ‘OLD’ body builders and being worried about your age etc at such young ages……38, 40 etc.
    I’m 60, I’ve trained on and off for years in various sports, judo black belt, soccer, weights, circuits running etc. Then had 10 years or so off drinking and eating. Never getting fat fat…..but not 6 pack city like I used to be. Moved to Scotland 5 year ago and started hitting the gym again, I.m 6ft and 220lb, and was 24% BF. Not really making inroads. Introduced to Test first, 1ml per week for my first cycle. Awesome strength gains. Then off for 12 weeks and did another cycle of Test….not so much gains. Another 12 weeks, took on a personal trainer in Manchester UK, I told him I wanted to try something that I would get great gains from. He said that he got the best results from Tren. (He’s a competition body builder btw….with a degree in sports nutrition and exercise). I tried a course of tren and test…..BRUTAL, I didn’t last the 12 weeks, bailed out at 10. The lack of sleep and night sweats and erectile dysfunction……..too much. Reasonable gains, little strength gains upper body, but I put 100kg on my leg press!
    Laterly tried Primo and Test…….BEAUTIFUL! minimal side effects, great all round gains, I’ve come off it and am taking HCG to get my balls back to normal size, and will then take my PCT, but will be deffo taking another course of Primo.
    In a few weeks time after my PCT I’ll be going back onto Test, but this time I’ll be keeping the HCG going with the test to keep my balls the same size (what can I say my wife likes big balls and decent loads!!). So I’ll keep the Test going continually……I like what it does for me…..I like the feelings and the strength, determination etc (not the small balls and small loads though!)…….and I’ll be running Primo again.
    I’m 60 but It’s great when youngsters come up to me in the gym asking me how to do certain exercises and what to do for arms or shoulders etc.
    So…..the whole point of my post is……..please stop going on about how you’re all needing to take extra care because you are 38 or 40 or 45………..You are SOO young, SOOO many fantastic years of gains in front of you.
    but also, as you say John Doe……look to cardio and yoga.
    I do cardio……I HATE it, but I’m fit and good at it, Knock spots of most people half my age. I’m SHIT at yoga but know I’m a stiff, good looking old bastard, so need to persevere.

    • Thanks for the follow man. There is such a thing as “gym old” and it’s real. You begin falling apart, needing surgeries, and need to take many precautionary measures in order to keep going. When someone gets into this in later years their joints haven’t been subjected to the wear and tear to the same degree as if they got into it and NEVER got away from it. That’s all I’m saying here. Falling apart can happen a lot earlier than 60, strokes and heart attacks too. That’s my point here, if you don’t start taking steps early enough to prevent it then who the hell knows. I know several guys in their 40’s that are falling apart. Sure, maybe not old, but “gym old” indeed

  2. At 44, and beat up from a few auto accidents, I definitely take extra care in the gym. I also follow Jeff Cavaliere, a fitness buff and PT, and have learned how to keep things safe. He also teaches how to avoid exercises that will degrade the body over time. I’m teaching my 23 yo son how to perform exercises safely and to avoid those that he can “do just fine” in his 20s, but I ask him how long he wants to do this. I’ve seen so many pictures and videos of ex bodybuilders falling apart as they’ve used performance enhancers going balls to the walls and the body just can’t sustain it long term. I’m on TRT and I cycle my dosages so my recovery can catch up to gains. I want to be doing this for a long time yet and your advice and “gym old” experience is greatly appreciated.


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