Bodybuilding Diet Tactics and Injury Recovery Tips

More bodybuilding diet tactics you may ask? YES! DIET IS 90% OF YOUR PHYSIQUE BUILDING RESULTS!

I talk about diet so often because it’s really the driving force behind most of your results in and out of the gym!

In this podcast I talk about a way to continue to get results while at the same time giving yourself a little less stress and more breathing room as far as the meal frequency is concerned.

Remember, everything I talk about is based on personal experience and things that I have found work for myself in manageable ways. Does this mean they’ll work for almost anybody? Yeah, actually I believe they would!

I also discuss my experience with injuries and how I overcame them in order to keep pushing towards more results as I continuously try to enhance my own physique!

When it comes to dieting and muscle building, the hardest part is finding ways to stay in the game without getting burnt out with the stress that comes with it all, and often times balancing other elements and responsibilities in life.

It would be awfully nice to do exactly what we want, when we want to do it, but the reality of it is that this is tough to manage. I understand that, and that is why I release information like this.

I know that if some of these tactics work for me then maybe they can fit into your own lives and keep you in the game for the long-haul as well!

Also, while I dislike talking about injuries and things that can hold you back in the gym, I feel like it’s important to share what I know about injury recovery and either working around or through injuries. The human body was made to heal, and man wasn’t made to sit on his ass and be stagnant and mediocre!

I also just want to remind everyone to stay away from all of the negativity in the world right now. There is simply too much nonsense going on right now that is totally derailing people, distracting people, and bringing everyone down.

All of these losers want to point the finger at every reason they cannot get ahead and all they want is a shoulder to cry on and someone that understands them.

Well I don’t understand it and I’m not going to be their shoulder to cry on. Their lives suck because they suck.

When you are constantly engaging in negativity you become negativity, plain and simple! It makes ZERO SENSE to continue to listen to the same shit everyday, discuss it with everyone and anyone who sees your point clearly, and continue to beat a dead horse!

If you want to win then you better start focusing on your own life and what you can directly do in your own efforts to enhance it. I don’t give a fuck if your gym is open or closed or if the nearest sporting goods store is sold out of weights.

If you want to do this shit bad enough THERE IS ALWAYS A WAY TO DO IT! Nobody has taken away your own two hands or your mind.

I can remember being a kid staying up late at night just thinking about all of the great things I could do in my life with the workouts on my side. Nobody could take that dream away from me.

And no matter what was lost or what was gained in my life, I always had my own two hands and the ground in front of me to push myself the fuck back up and into greatness.




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4 thoughts on “Bodybuilding Diet Tactics and Injury Recovery Tips”

  1. Awesome podcast! Specially for my situation now with a shoulder injury.
    I want to hear your opinion about BPC-157 and if you have any experience with it.
    Thank you!

    • No, only tb500 I’ve used, which MAY have worked if my tendon tear wasn’t already too far gone before the full detachment. I’ve heard good things abt it though, it’s cheap enough rt? Try it


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