How To Balance Business and Bodybuilding

Balancing business with bodybuilding is difficult.

Business can be tough when it comes to trying to avoid the over-consumption of great tasting food and alcohol.

When your job involves dinners, parties, and celebrations on a personal level, it can be very difficult to be that one person trying to stick to their diet and workout regimen!

I realize this and that is one reason for this podcast. I've worked with a lot of people who fall into this category.

They truly want to be healthy and jacked looking but they just cannot seem to break away from the junk and alcohol, because in their eyes the junkfood and alcohol is directly related to their income!

I've been in situations like this before myself. It's fun at first, until you look in the mirror and realize that you're becoming just like everyone else and guys like you are a dime a dozen now.


I had a guy tell me one time, “You're busy worrying about building your body while I'm busy building my bank account.”

Hahahaha, who fucking cares?

We all know that guy who can't get any pussy and tries spending more and more money to acquire a great life, but that guy still goes home with his dick in his hands!

“I better go buy a new car if I don't want to go home with my dick in my hands” they think.

Meanwhile, some regular middle class dude is up in the gym going to war and then banging those chicks Mr. Barroom bigshot will never get… because he's a fat slob!

So, what is the ultimate combination here?

It's being the guy who makes a good living AS WELL AS THE GUY THAT LIKES WHAT HE SEES IN THE MIRROR!

Hopefully my rants about fat little estrogen packed soyboys in slim-fit clothing and shitty blues music don't offend you.

Actually, I don't give a fuck, who am I kidding?


Train hard!- JD


2 thoughts on “How To Balance Business and Bodybuilding”

  1. Haha, did your friend do anything to get you back? too funny. Enjoyed listening. Took my mind off Food for a little. haha, right….

    • No, I told him I had to leave and he had no choice since I drove there. I had to gtf away from that place


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