1 week left to sign up for the Fall Physique Transformation competition!!


So it's almost here, the 8 week Fall Physique Transformation, sponsored by Proven Peptides and Red Supplements.

What it is

It's 8 weeks to bust your ass and make a serious change to your body!! Yes, a lot can be done in 8 weeks if you stay consistent and go hard!! In Project Shredded I had 2 guys who lost over 25 lbs of fat in just 8 weeks time and another who gained 7 lbs of scale weight WHILE LOSING FAT AT THE SAME TIME!!

It's an intense 8 weeks to not only dive head first into a drastic transformation, but within these 8 weeks there is a lot to learn and a lot for me to teach you!! Not just anyone is going to give you over 20 years of bodybuilding knowledge in 8 weeks. Think of me as your fast-track coach to success when it comes to nutrition and training!!

I only give you what works!!

I'm not here to fill your head with bullshit and leave you spinning your wheels. The manner in which I design my diets and programs is in template format where I don't just give you the fish, I teach you how to fish!!

When you're training with me you aren't getting some cookie cutter program that everyone gets. I actually take the time to get familiar with you and how your daily breakdown looks so I can make this a realistic way to be consistent with it. This is one of the most important parts of training MOST DON'T TOUCH ON!! I'm not “most” here…..damnit I'm JDB!!

I have zero sympathy for wussies!!

Pardon my bluntness, but I just have no sympathy for wussies when it comes to training and nutrition. This is hard for you, it's hard for your buddy, and it's hard for me!! You're talking to a guy who forgot his can opener once and used an angle grinder to get into his tuna fish can one day when out in the field for work.

Don't come crying to me about how this is difficult, because you're not going to get an ounce of “go easy” from me. ZILCH!! Would you rather have a feel-good program and someone to make you feel special or real results in 8 weeks from methods that actually work?

What do you get with your 8 week training signup?

Well, for starters you get to work with a great guy who understands life and the fact that we all cannot live in a gym. I get that things like work, family, and other obligations come into play if you are trying to have any sort of life or work towards being successful. I get that sometimes travel and business dinners are necessary for financial success for some people. I understand all of that stuff!! I can show you how to work through it all. But it doesn't come without a little discipline.

With your signup I'm also going to shoot you a copy of my NO-BS BODYBUILDING ebook. This is my newest ebook and the one I wrote that was geared towards the lifelong trainer who wanted more than just basic workout knowledge. This dives way beyond basics and will provide some priceless pieces of the fitness and nutrition puzzle. You can use these tactics for the rest of your life to acquire and maintain a great body!!

If you place in the top 3 of competition I'm going to personally award you a custom engraved sword and additional training under me free of charge. Not only that, but my friends at Provenpeptides.com are going to throw in $150 credit to 1st, $100 to 2nd, and $50 to 3rd. On top of that, Red Supplements is going to match it with online purchase credit to their store!!

Not only will you get all of that, but I'm slashing my normal 8 week training price of $525 down to just $399 for contest entrees!! That's just $50 a week to train with me, get a custom routine and diet to fit with your life, a shot at winning prizes valued at over $1000, and get a shot at winning something instead of just sitting on your ass like everyone else.

Judging is based solely on visual changes

I judge based on what I see. If you drop a ton of fat then you have a chance of winning. If you pack on a bunch of muscle then you also have a chance of winning. I'm looking for that “holy shit” factor that you can accomplish in 8 weeks if you put your best foot forward!!

So sign up today and get ready to blast off on Monday October 16th, 2017!! If you want to know what it's like to eat and train for a competition then I'll give it you…just don't come to me if you're not going to do it. I really hate quitters!!


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