Working out through the CORONA VIRUS B.S.

I give my outlook on working out and dieting through the Corona virus B.S.

Many people are freaking out that life may need to change for a short while and I don't welcome it either, but I'm not going to let it get me down.

I'll always be killing the workouts, whether it's up in the gym, at home, or out in the streets. This won't stop me for shit!



14 thoughts on “Working out through the CORONA VIRUS B.S.”

  1. JBD,
    Real deal shit right there. Got to the gym at 4am today and closed, pissed as fuck. so i said fuck them, i worked out at home for 3 years, i have a bench and a set of dumbells. i made it work and now that we have this fake media bullshit going around, i’ll do it again for a while………fuckin sheeps


  2. Fucking right on bro,

    Just got notified that my gym is closed, but luckily I invested in some dumbells, basic ass cable machine for lat pulls and have a ab wheel thing. So ill just stay at home and keep pumping reps and sets! They can take the gym from me but cant take my hard earned gains over the years. Im working out like I was in highschool, working out in a closed garage embarrassed to be seen because I was so damn skinny lol. It truly is a mindset!!! Once a warrior always a warrior!!!

  3. Agreed when it’s a lifestyle this train ain’t stopping for nothing and when theres a will theres a way fuck it let’s get it!!!!!!

  4. I’m in JD!!

    Take charge and don’t be a pussy!

    My buddy was whining today and I told him to take his balls out of his handbag and get back to work!

  5. My gym closed down. I said fuck it. I have so many parks with great equipment for free but now they closed that too…fuck

  6. What if it is true that the coronavirus was a CCP-produced biochemical weapon leaked from a P4 lab in Wuhan, China? Should we take drastic measures (e.g. wearing a mask, social distancing, etc) to protect ourselves and our family from this deadly virus that may have been designed to kill human-beings?

    • I say to do as you wish. However, my opinion on this is that I’m not living out ANY OF MY DAYS to sit around being paranoid, cleansing my hands 65x a fucking day from OCD, and conforming to not going outside. Fuck all that!

  7. Gym closed…Fuck!! Two minutes later no problem. Power bands, pull ups at the school down the street, literally pushing a car while it is in neutral around the neighborhood (daughter steering of course) five gallon buckets and bags of sand and concrete. Put 40-50 pound bag of of concrete under your arms and do lunges….Fucking wicked. Neighbors think I am nuts working out in the street, but I don’t give a shit! Adapt and overcome. Cardio, Cardio and more cardio. Will come out on the other side better! My opinion..fuck Carona Virus…my life ain’t stopping!


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