Training and Nutrition Fundamentals w/ Guest Fired-Up Frank!

As promised a while back I have brought on Fired-Up Frank to give his own perspective on training and nutrition fundamentals. This is a guy who GETS IT, and I’m sure a lot of listeners will be able to relate to his viewpoints on training and nutrition!

Click the play button below to listen to Training and Nutrition Fundamentals w/ Guest Fired-Up Frank!

This is the first podcast I’ve ever done with a guest.  If you enjoyed this podcast, then leave your feedback and I’ll see if we can get him on the podcasts more often. Thanks for listening and as always…



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2 thoughts on “Training and Nutrition Fundamentals w/ Guest Fired-Up Frank!”

  1. Another awesome podcast! I listen on my way home from the gym. I was very intrigued listening to Frank. Seems very knowledgeable on training and nutrition. Pretty cool guy to listen to. I learned a some things. Hope you have him on again.
    I bought the Arnold encyclopedia when I was a beginner. And the most I got out of it was using it as a dumbbell to do curl with. Now it just sits on the shelf collecting dust. To be honest I learned more by just going to the gym and just throwing the weights around plus listening to the veterans who already been through the trenches. Those experiences you can’t get from a book.
    Keep the podcast coming! Peace!


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