Training and Dieting for THE LOOK YOU WANT!

In this podcast I discuss some elements of training and dieting that are relevant to the type of look you're going for in the gym!

I've seen all too many training and diet mistakes that simply aren't conducive to the look that guys are trying to achieve. Another common error concerning overall health and wellness is the irresponsible use of performance enhancement either in terms of prolonged cycles or abusive dosages.

As usual, I may be a little all over the map in this one, but I feel like I drive some important points in this one (and maybe a few laughs as well).

Thanks for reading and listening to JDB,



2 thoughts on “Training and Dieting for THE LOOK YOU WANT!”

  1. Hey, great podcast. Always laugh and learn. I am down to a small circle and your in it. Also got your books and they were very informative too! Thank you


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