The Positives and The Negatives of Bodybuilding and Steroid Enhancement

Hey guys, JD here with ya and back with another podcast!

In this podcast I give a different perspective on dietary modifications and I also talk about my personal take on the positives and negatives bodybuilding can do for people.

I also hit on steroid enhancement and how I feel it can either help or hinder your life in a “big picture” sort of way!

(If you guys want to know how to use steroids properly and want to hear my personal opinion on what's good and what isn't then pick up a gear resource guide by someone that has been there and done it! Pick up Straight from the Underground today and stop wasting your time listening to people that don't know what's up!


2 thoughts on “The Positives and The Negatives of Bodybuilding and Steroid Enhancement”

  1. Hey Joe,

    Really enjoyed this podcast, with normal everyday life dramas at the start, then head into dieting etc good mix.
    Time went quick.



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