The GROUND & POUND Way of The Gym!

There is no finish line in bodybuilding. It can become easy to stray off the path from time to time with all that life throws our way.

In this podcast I explain how I think when I need to focus on getting back on my game. I'm sure others listening can relate!

Thanks for listening!


(If you're looking for a new style of workouts that are sure to increase the intensity and provide a laid out map for an extreme physique transformation be sure to check out Shredded Ops and Let the Blood Spill! But only if you're up for a challenge, these workouts are brutal!)


4 thoughts on “The GROUND & POUND Way of The Gym!”

  1. Here’s a cardio tip. Get a cardio machine that is behind someone hot, and then you want to be there. I had three hot chicks lined up in front of me on treadmills at one point and my programmed 15 minutes went to 45 minutes and I was still sad to leave.

  2. Do you recommend someone to read all your books and programs before hiring you for training?

    I don’t have time to read anything but I can listen while I work.

    I look forward to your podcasts more than any others I listen to. I’ve listened to them all at least three times each lol. Your the man. Seriously considering buying your training package. I’m stepping up my training on every level.

    Thanks so much brother

    • You don’t have to, I guess the advantage of training with me would be fine tuning of diet/routine, stacks, and continued communication to answer questions and provide constant support/open line of communication along the way. Thanks for listening also, your comment is much appreciated! -JD


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