Tactics for Breaking Gym Monotony

So, you’ve been at the gym and the diet for a long time and it’s getting monotonous. You want to continue getting results but oftentimes the pressure of the gym and diet regimen gets to be too overwhelming to seem to continue forward.


There are ways around this and ways to continue marching forward on the right path to results! What I’m really trying to say here is…

DON’T BE A BITCH! It ends when we are fucking dead… PERIOD!

Onward and upwards into battle,


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5 thoughts on “Tactics for Breaking Gym Monotony”

  1. Great podcast John. Got a lot of good tips. I will start implementing them right away. I have 2 questions…1-what do you recommend for someone who had a chest strain? I was doing a lot of bodyweight dips when all of a sudden I felt it and stopped. I feel it even doing push ups. Question-2: what do you recommend to heal from bicep tendinitis? I got it from probably doing heavy hammer curls. I would appreciate your advice. Thank you.

    • #1- Find a chiropractor who can do ultrasound therapy on the area of the chest strain, try to arrange something where you can at least go 1-2x per week and have this done because it will definitely help you heal. Train extremely light and solely for blood flow and pump the area, this does not take much weight, keep reps very high (even as high as 50 reps/set) Back off any movements that irritate the area for awhile

      #2- Focus on tricep training and back off the biceps for a while. Sometimes the antagonist muscles can become out of balance and lead to tendon issues, or it could simply be from overuse. They should heal but it’s going to take time, even things like pull-ups might need to be avoided during this time. I’ve partially ruptured my right bicep tendon twice and left one once, the right one took about a year and a half to fully heal, left one took about 3 months (I went to physical therapist for the left one and it sped up recovery a lot) Again, ultrasound on these areas not a bad idea also.

      Both of my biceps healed 100% as if it never happened, but it took time and patience. Don’t worry, you won’t lose size, be smart! -JD

  2. Dear John,

    need your help pleaaaase
    i am on cycle (400 test enanthat + 400 primi + 200 deca) all pharma grade
    my creatinine level (Blood) raised to 1.37 and my C-reactive protein is 22

    i have strong pips (post injection pain)

    is this serious, shall i continue with the cycle, knowing that my creatinine before cycle was 1.09 and C reactive proteine was 6

    Please i need your advise

    • A high C-reactive protien could be from damn near anything. The first thing I’d look at are any other #’s that may be out of range such as cholesterol, glucose, or blood pressure. If all of those labs are falling in range then my best educated guess would be the inflammation from the PIP


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