Storytime with JDB #1: Angry Jack

Sometimes it’s difficult to talk fluidly when I make podcasts. I tried over and over again to make an informative podcast for you guys, but I kept stumbling over my words and royally fucking up this time!

This can happen at times during caloric restriction, and I’m back to dieting pretty hard lately! I go through this phase of trying to get more ripped up during the winter months.

I suppose it’s a rebellion sort of mode because I see everyone else fucking off! What better time to go against the grain than when everyone else is following the pack like the sheep that they are.

So in this podcast I felt like just talking naturally and letting a few stories rip in the most memorable ways I could explain them.

I bring to you a few quick stories about an old training partner.

If you enjoy these sort of podcasts, maybe I’ll make more in the future.

Enjoy! -JD

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21 thoughts on “Storytime with JDB #1: Angry Jack”

  1. Love the podcasts. What I’ve always admired about you primarily, even more so than your sage bodybuilding advice, is that, in spite of all your wisdom, accomplishment and effort, you’re still a normal guy like the rest of us. I was playing your first podcast driving into work one night in a bad mood because I’m forced to interact with a bunch of pussies, but the conversational tone of the track took over, and got me out of my feelings and focused on the gym. I’m 27, and you’re the Uncle/Older Brother my generation needs. Take care and God bless you.

  2. Hello JD,
    great podcast as usual. Its funny how life can give you lemonafe when you start with a bowl of lemons.
    Not sure if you remember me but i sent a email to you a few months ago i was the guy who had a detached retina and was limited in my workouts.
    My goal was to do arms every day for 60 days bit fell short of my goal due to work requirements. I was also using REDGROWTH from red supplements during this time.
    I feel my results were pretty good and my arms bigger, stronger and more rock hard than when i started.
    I think what hurt me was my diet and wayer intake was subpar otherwise I could have had even better results.
    I think i added a half inch to an inch on my overall size of my upper arm which isnt too shabby.
    My next project is my chest and getting rid of these manboobs.
    Thanks for listening.

      • Dear JD,
        My eye is good but still not 100 percent.
        As for my working out i gave you all the details above and looking forward to doing more than just arms.
        Dont get wrong, arms are great to work but it can get a little boring just doing arms everyday.
        Keep up the great content.

  3. This was hilarious. I was laughing my ass off during this. Especially during the part about blowing cigar smoke on him in the yard LOL. I know people like this guy. Maybe a few sandwiches short of a picnic but never boring to be around and the kind of person you want around if someone tries to give you shit. This is the second one of your podcasts that I’ve listened to and I’ve really enjoyed both of them. You have a very conversational style and I look forward to more in the future JD.

  4. Hi John,

    I really enjoyed here this story. I’d love to hear other stories about you or your friends. I remember in Becoming the Bull you mentioned a friend who got very sick and lost 60lbs of muscle, but then he later came back to get big and strong again. Stories like that, or about Angry Jack, are really insightful to me and I’d love to hear more.

    Also, thanks for talking about the carnivore/high fat diet! So far it is going very well. I am not completely no-carb but I am very low carb. I have maintained mass very easily despite not being able to get to the gym as much as I’d like. I will say that natural energy has been a lot higher too. Carbs usually knock me down for at least an hour because I feel normal again, I could see myself continuing this for a long time. I still enjoy some carb stuff here and there because I like things like fruit juice and egg nog.

    I recommend anyone who is curious to give it a go and see how you respond.

    I have a question for the next podcast or another post: How best to get back into training intensely? I have been sporadic with my training and I know I can’t jump back into where I was before life got busy. Any tips to recover the lost ground?

    Looking forward to Tuesday!



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