Steroids Deca and Equipoise Explained

Thanks for tuning in to another JDB podcast. In this podcast I explain my personal take on Deca, fast acting Deca (NPP) and Equipoise. Yes, I work hard and eat a lot, but let’s be real, anabolic steroids to bodybuilding are like pads are to a football player; they’re just part of the game! So why bullshit? Listen in for my personal opinions on these compounds!

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5 thoughts on “Steroids Deca and Equipoise Explained”

  1. Oh bro… had me in stitches! We’d be friends, first off, let’s just say that. I’m a men’s Physique pro for one. But the grit, the no bullshit. The metal. I’ve got a 6 figure job. Same attitude toward how I see the world, to the letter. 5 year old son, wife, 2 year old daughter. Same approach to gear, same doses, same compounds preferred. We’re very similar human beings, let’s just say that.

    The old black red cross ladies, ain’t that the truth! Haha I was dying in my truck. “Hell yeah, going down to the red cross, somewhere where I’m appreciated!” Hysterical and true bro. And after all that, just a quick recap on deca and eq lol love it.

    I should’ve given you a shout long ago because we speak the same language, but this was awesome. I’m not often just laughing out loud. Keep it up brother!

  2. Had an experience with NPP, it would get crystal shards in the vials. Boiling them for 10 mins would clear it back up. Is this the correct process? It is my fav, still feel it a couple weeks after cycle is over.

    • yes, you can do that to get it back in solution and inject it. This can happen from cold temperatures involved in shipping and/or the product not being put together properly. I’ve been there, just don’t inject it if it’s too hot, that will hurt! Thanks for following -JD

  3. Thank you, Finally tried my delt, hahaha…painless and easier than glute. Your advice is always spot on. Greatly appreciate all you do!


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