Semaglutide for Fat Loss

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In this podcast I discuss HGH, insulin, insulin resistance, combating fat gain from insulin resistance, and my experience so far with Semaglutide!

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4 thoughts on “Semaglutide for Fat Loss”

  1. JD,

    I’m surprised Semaglutide hasn’t received more play on the bodybuilding forums & podcasts to date, as this drug is highly effective dealing with two common issues: blood glucose control & appetite suppression.

    I started taking Semaglutide mainly to control high blood glucose levels resulting from low dose (2IU/day) HGH use. I was also dealing with hunger issues during cutting. Semaglutide has been very effective addressing both.

    I don’t recommend anyone start using this drug without some careful research. It’s been well tested, but the side effects can be significant for some, and it’s not meant as a short-term fix.

    Also, I do NOT recommend Semaglutide to anyone trying to bulk, as eating will likely be miserable at a higher caloric intake.

    Way to be on point with a topic that should be relevant for a lot of us.

    • you got it, so far so good for the both of us it seems! I will say, .5mg every 5th day seems perfect for me, although there is some buildup in my system the longer I’m on it, the hunger does start to come back a bit about day #5 after I shoot it

    • I do the abdomen myself, I just take it whenever I get around to it, not necessarily with food or without it, don’t think it really matters since it’s not something thats fast acting but a buildup type thing


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