Where to seek REAL Bodybuilding Information!

In this podcast I give a little of my mind about all of the bullshit floating around in the online fitness world.

You need to be extremely careful of who to believe/follow nowadays.

Also, the other side of the coin is that many people that are hiring trainers are JUST PUSSIES WHO CAN'T HACK IT!

God forbid you give them something that involves planning or some sort of effort!

These people do not want to do anything difficult, they don't want to change their ways; let's face it, they were sold on a whim and tomorrow they won't be as motivated as they were when they read or listened to someone!

I've always tried to keep my articles real and remain transparent to my readers and podcast listeners!

At the end of the day I just love what I do, but I care more about producing REAL RESULTS than to just follow the masses.

Life is hard, bodybuilding is hard, SUCK IT UP AND TAKE A LEAP FORWARD!



12 thoughts on “Where to seek REAL Bodybuilding Information!”

  1. Hi.
    Do you have ANY pics of who you are?
    Or what you have accomplished?
    I have yet to see anything that proves who you are OR what youve done…

    I do enjoy your delivery…you really have pushed your shredded ops…but how do I know its not just some BS to sell stuff?
    Im not rich but Im not afraid to drop money on quality info….

    • I can’t vouch for JDB himself, but I can vouch for his information. Long story short, I’ve had some major health problems over the years and turned my life and health around 7 months ago. I’m on TRT and combed the Internet for good information to maximize my results. If you are looking for a guy to tell you what to do exactly, JDB is not your man. He is chock full of experience and lifting fundamentals. Of all the information I’ve gleaned over the half year, and I have done a lot of study, JDB is usually spot on with his information and I’m a regular follower now. He’s the only one I keep coming back to. My x-boss is a professional bodybuilder and was #2 in the 2012 National Master’s competition and his information lines right up with JDB. He’s the real deal. I did a test run of Shredded Ops first day and it really is something different and I’m jumping in whole heartedly next week. I usually recover from my chest routine in 2 days, but its been 3 and I still hurt. It is brutal, but I hurt good and tomorrow is another round of brutal push-ups.

      JDB hasn’t led me wrong yet.

    • I do not show myself due to some of the subject material on the blog. I was at one time posting photos and even a channel on youtube but it’s not worth it due to what I talk about. That podcast photo is me at around 215 lbs. I completely understand the question on photos and videos of myself, I’d want to know also if I was a reader or listener. Take care -JD

    • As per my accomplishments, I once won a kids coloring contest when I was 17 years old. I kicked the shit out of all those kids!! I won a free movie rental, a bag of shrimp, and a box of microwaveable popcorn. My coloring got hung in the seafood department of the grocery store, and everytime I walked past it I knew I was destined for greatness!! -JD

    • Kelly,
      Trust me, I saw JD back when he had youtube channels and pics floating around. He ain’t now beginner, intermediate, or any of that shit lol. For a reference, he had a video with Big Bradon Carter (BBC); and not bashing Brandon at all, but JD looked like a jacked shredded monster next to that guy, He’s the real deal, trust me and I get where your coming from JD about not posting pics because of some of your gray area content, but if some of the followers knew they would probably laugh at themselves for asking. You need to get back on the stage brotha!!

  2. JD has posted a couple of pics over the years that I have seen. (cool video of him washing his dog too). Been following for years – he did drop off for a minute there, but he has never led me down the wrong path. Enjoyable, informative, and 100% accurate and truthful. My take on JD.

    Thank you for the advice and stories over the years – really enjoying the podcasts!

  3. Great podcast as always, I was wondering if you could do a podcast on peptides, your thoughts and your experience with them and if they are worth the money. I’m 54, in great health and on no meds for any illness, not even blood pressure, I get complete bloodwork done every 6 months to make sure everything is under control, I’m currently taking test cypionate injections 0.5 twice a week, 1mg anastrozole twice a week and GHRP 6 with Semorelin enjections every night before bed, which makes me extremely hungry, (all of which are prescribed by a doctor), but I don’t seem to be getting good results from all that, should I be adding something else to my stack? Any thoughts would be a great help. I am however having a great sex life lol, I heard your podcast on steroids and I agree totally about why would you NOT want to take them, I’m here to tell you older men as well as you younger men who are against them, you’re missing out, even if you don’t want the great looking physique that goes along with them if you work hard, the sex part should be enough, I’m happy, the wife is extremely happy, I feel like I’m in my 20s with the libido and staying power to match. Thanks JD and keep up the great work on telling it like it is.

    • yea, I’ll see what I can come up with as this is probably a question many others have as well. Thanks for following -JD


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