Natty Life Sucks ft. Fired-up Frank – Part 2

Hey guys. My last “Natty Life Sucks” podcast with Fired-up Frank got cut short because I had to upgrade my subscription to do longer recorded meetings, but I said fuck it, I’m still releasing it anyway because it’s REAL, and I try to keep everything real. But rest assured that we picked back up to further hash out the shitty reality of living with poverty level testosterone amongst other stereotypes and marketing fucks in the fitness industry!

A big thanks to Fired-up Frank for his time and input on some of the podcasts, he’s a perfect example of someone defying the process of getting fucked in the ass by mother nature as we get older and our levels diminish!

Click the play button below to listen to Natty Life Sucks ft. Fired-up Frank – Part 2

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1 thought on “Natty Life Sucks ft. Fired-up Frank – Part 2”

  1. Good conversation guys! I’m glad you were able to finish out this topic.

    This podcast hit pretty close to home, as I took the dive into TRT at 61. I was working out hard, but was pretty much “pissing into the wind”, due to hormone issues. I’d pretty much resigned myself to a slow age-related loss of muscle & decline. That all changed, once I got my testosterone levels up and my Estradiol levels in check. It still takes a consistent commitment to diet & training, but I’m living proof you can put on quality muscle after age 60.


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