My Results/Experience on the Steroid DHB

Hey guys, I’ve been asked by a few people about my experience on the steroid DHB (Dihydroboldenone), and what I think about the steroid DHB.

In this podcast I talk about my recent DHB cycle and what I think about the compound (after a few rants of course), along with the topic of SARMS in conjunction with steroids and as standalone supplements to increase performance.

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6 thoughts on “My Results/Experience on the Steroid DHB”

    • Thanks for listening. I think non-dairy is a good way to go myself, it doesn’t cause the bloating and digestive issues for a lot of ppl. One that I like a lot is Redcon 1 MRE meal replacement powder. Currently I’m using the MRE “light” just because I’m tapering back on carbs a bit, but that one does contain whole food products and pea and beef protien per the ingredients. It does say there is milk creamer for texture per the ingredients, but I just don’t have digestive issues with it at all and it seems pretty high quality plus the flavors are fantastic! A few years back I didn’t have the same digestive issues that I’ve experienced lately, but I’m trying to eliminate dairy altogether now (of course I’m probably going to make the random cheat meal of pizza the exception from time to time, lol) But shit like cheese, yogurt, milk, whey concentrate, yea fuck all that garbage! -JD

    • Never, it makes zero sense to come off TRT unless there is a major health crisis such as cancer or prostate issues. With that being said, there are some occasions where I come down to true TRT which is probably more like 150/wk of test as opposed to 200mg/wk, but outside of lowering once in awhile I do not come off test ever. What’s the point of it? So my sex life goes to shit? My anxiety gets bad because I have no test? I get brain fog and depression? Nope, not this guy! Thanks for following! -JD

  1. Good podcast brother. I’ve done a couple cycles that included DHB and got good, dry results and plan on doing it again soon. Would you take the same 300mg/week pre-contest?
    I’ve also noticed that using Cardarine with tren during contest prep seems to counteract the negative cardio effects of the tren.

    • yea man, I think 300/wk is the sweet spot and I’d definitely use the shit precontest, I agree cardarine works fairly well.


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