Who NOT TO LISTEN TO for muscle building advice!

Who NOT TO LISTEN TO for muscle building advice. These people are idiots and you need to drown their bullshit advice out!

You see, we live in a world now where people can talk all the talk but have never walked the walk. I see through bullshit and you need to learn to see through it too. Stop listening to idiots who have never been in your world!

Also, more info on injury rehab and some tactics I’ve learned based on my own past experiences.


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6 thoughts on “Who NOT TO LISTEN TO for muscle building advice!”

  1. You pretty much nailed it. Lots of folks out there giving advice – often along with pitches for their supplement brand. Please NEVER come out with a JDB line of supplements!

    BTW – I was a road cycling racer for about 5 years. Not sure if a full 90% are dicks, but the % is high. It takes serious training & commitment, but the elitist attitude from many of the 130 lb pencil-necked geeks was super-annoying.

  2. Hey John,

    Funny I was just talking to my dad the other day, we always lifted and I did 315 lbs on the bench at 18 at 160lbs. Now I‘m 180 and can hit 10 reps of 315. People at the local gym come up to me and ask me constantly how I do it and if I have any tricks or techniques I use. I was just saying everyone I see and everywhere I look is just bullshit. Nobody can do any damn work. Everything is posing and having actual results means nothing to anyone. We live in a generation of punks jumping ok a mercedez in a parking lot and taking a quick screenshot so they can post on social media hustle hard.

    Speaking of injuries, I did 315 7-8 times working my way back to where I was after I had a shoulder injury. About 3 weeks in my left elbow started to hurt and the following week it got worse. Then after a month at 135lbs it was ok then started to hurt with any more weight. What has me baffled is if I wrap it I can do 315 if it isn‘t wrapped I can forget it, but yet it feels like a tendon a bit. I was thinking the whole time it was bursitis. Have you had this issue with heavy bench and what are the most common elbow injuries from bench?

    • What you’re experiencing is most likely tendonitis in your tricep tendon, where the distal attachment comes into the elbow area. You need to back off it man, wrapping to lift heavy is putting a band-aid on it and not helping your cause. Unfortunately, tendons take a lot of time to heal, change your rep scheme and possibly chest exercises for awhile. Me? Heavy bench? Dude, I hadn’t done a flat barbell bench press now in over 3 years and I didn’t get any smaller at all, hahaha -JD


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