Middle-aged Men, TRT, and Steroid Cycles

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In this episode I explain some things about safely using TRT and a proper approach to cycling steroids for the middle aged male who wants results but doesn’t need the harsh side effects and life stress that can often come with anabolic steroid usage.

As always, the diet and training consistency should be #1 no matter what else you decide to throw in the mix! Many men forget that, therefore short-changing their results and damaging their overall health.

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5 thoughts on “Middle-aged Men, TRT, and Steroid Cycles”

  1. Tough to listen to but it’s true. I never noticed how shitty I feel on cycle until I just did a Test only cycle, not huge dose.
    Felt more mentally acute acute and physically more active.

    Oh, and gained a few pounds

  2. Yes
    I recently started TRT level dosing myself along with peptides and I noticed that I feel a 100% better than when I’m on cycle

    • Yes, definitely a process of give and take. I find that I can still push the pedal to the metal at times, but they are more short lived and compound specific. Some combinations just don’t work as well anymore

  3. Hi John, I have been reading straight from the underground. Well done great book.
    I have run one test e cylcle and a combination of anavar and winny. I was badly advised and quit as to not damage my health. Definitely saw good results but reading your book I’m glad I stopped when I did. So I trained 4/5 times a week for 5 years. Have not trained for 2 years due to a accident at work and of course gyms shutting down due to covid. I also slipped into a lazy decline. I am now ready to get back and finish what I started. I am 47 years old. At my age can I still follow the advise from your book? I am thinking the basic cycles is the way to go in my situation. Any advise would be greatly appreciated. P. S when I train I train hard. No cutting corners!!!

    • There are some compounds that don’t work so well once we get into our 40’s+. I stay away from most all orals now besides anavar. Even winny fucked with me the last couple times I tried incorporating it. The basic injectables such as test, deca, equipoise, primo, masteron always seem to work well. And lately DHB is pretty kickass in my case also. Thanks for following -JD


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