Life happens. Shit can pop up for anyone. Life isn't always peaches and cream and what defines your character is how you can move on from life's unexpected shit!

Many people have it a lot rougher than we do.

The other day I dealt with a wrecked car, a shit-ass days meal plan, dog shit on the floor, and I fucked up and drank some beer that night.

The next morning I had a run-in with the police while trying to drink my coffee and eat breakfast. Long story short, don't fuck with my family when I thought I could count on you!

I could have dwelled on the daily mishaps and let it continue on by fucking myself mentally, or I could have gotten my ass back in the game and wiped the slate clean.

The past is the past and you cannot change it, the only way to move forward is to forget about it and keep swinging at life. I hope you enjoy the story and a look into a random day of some of my life's pop-up bullshit!

In this podcast I also answer a couple basic questions some of the readers had on my newest Shredded Ops routine



8 thoughts on “LIFE HAPPENS”

  1. The good thing is your wife didn’t suffer major injure. Later you can replace the car.
    As you said shit happens, but life goes on, so what we have to do it’s like you said, clean up the pile of shit an move on”, That’s great for avoiding self pity and being stuck in bad things.

    Great podcast!!!

  2. Hey john,
    Its tim here(detached retina guy). Great podast and i hope your wife is doing well. Accidents are a traumatizing thing even if the injuries are minor, its just a shock to your system.
    I have to concur with your assessment of mcdonalds food. I have given up fast food almost 100 percent but sometines i have a cheat meal. I had some micky d’s the other day and it was garbage. The fries had no taste at all and they used to have awesome fries. Lesson learned I guess, ill stick with chicken and lamb.
    Take care bro.

  3. Hey JD, loved the podcast. I love that you don’t sugarcoat the shitty aspects of life.

    I laughed when you talked about the dogshit detector. I’ve definitely wished for one of those a few times.

    As for the shitty Mcdonald’s Filet-o-fishes, they’re the sandwiches employees tell you to avoid most because the tartar sauce is left out far too long due to how few customers there are.

    But what’s up with the dwindling quality of minimum wage service workers? Have you noticed that? None of them seem to be able to handle things outside of a textbook interaction anymore. Is it because qualified people are moving up or because the average person is getting that dumb?

    As for the neighbors, I hope nothing comes out of her false statement. People like that girl are the worst and it’s unfortunate you had to find out that way. They live to find scenarios where they can be the victim and will lie to destroy your life. Some sort of victim complex.

    Glad your wife is ok and can’t wait to hear your next episode.


    • Thanks for reading. I have seen both, minimum wage workers who were dumber than a brick and ones that should have been in a better position because they were too good for the other idiots at those places. I can remember standing in line at one of these places waiting on an order once, listening to the music lyrics of “From the window to the walls, got sweat dripping down my balls, skeet skeet motherfucka’!”

      Who wants to hear those lyrics before eating? That’s the fault of the manager, and at the end of the day it all boild down to ,”Who can we hire that won’t quit on us!” Fuck how good they are, haha


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