Kill that Shit

Hey guys,

I hope everyone has been doing good and training hard! The good news is that I’m off TRT and back on a blast. I just thought to let everyone know that.

Oh yeah, and here’s a new podcast/rant that was done after murdering a workout today with shit sleep the night before. Anyways, it’s really just a therapy mic session for me this week.

I’ve been working on the new e-book lately and quality takes time, but this should be completed and on to editing very soon! This one is absolutely killer and in a league of its own! It’s definitely not for beginners, but if any of you guys are at a point where you’re trying to balance size with having an impressive and lean physique year-round, then this one is for you!

Sit tight, it’s coming soon!


– JD

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Shredded Ops & Let The Blood Spill bundle


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