Introducing The John Doe Bodybuilding Podcast

Hey guys, I'd like to thank all of my readers and subscribers for trusting in the “NO-BULLSHIT BODYBUILDING BLOG”

I've put this blog together over the past 5 years.

It truly means a lot to me when you guys tell me that you trust in the information I provide and that it's somehow enhanced your physique and your life.

I wanted to give you guys more.

I figured a weekly podcast was another way I could provide you with the best information – all from a guy who talked about bodybuilding and life through his own experience.


Here is the first episode:

I will be dropping a new John Doe Bodybuilding Podcast each Tuesday.

I will talk about bodybuilding, nutrition, and some of the life challenges that most of us are faced with.

The new podcast will also be a way for the readers to ask questions and get a more detailed response than something I would leave in a comment box.

Sometimes when one person has a question it's something that can help many others as well.

One of my missions with this podcast was to talk about what I know and stay away from things I don't know.

Most of what I speak about is in “real time”, meaning that it popped in my mind and I spoke or wrote about it in the best way I could.

I'm not someone who can sit and stare at a blank screen and just write words and make a good article. I'm not someone who can speak really well until I have good subject matter that I feel strong and passionate about.

Many of these thoughts pop into my mind late into the night, early in the morning, or from a dream I had that night that had something to do with it.


Listen, I'm a fan of bodybuilding just like many of you guys! I love bodybuilding and it's given me so much over the years.

Some of the character traits I have would have never come into my character without bodybuilding to help build ALL OF ME, not just my body!

I have learned so much about life through lifting weights and pushing myself. I also learned that if not done correctly, it can become an obsession that can take away from life also.

I've already been down that road before, and I'm not about that kind of bodybuilding. I want to share life experiences and talk about REALLY LIVING A GOOD LIFE!

Some of the podcasts may be solely for entertainment and humor, some may be for information, and others may just be telling a story. Some of them will be answering questions to issues that some of you may have.

I don't want you to look at this podcast as teacher to student, I'm just another brother in iron!

Hell, I'm John Doe. I could be anybody.


Train hard -JD



29 thoughts on “Introducing The John Doe Bodybuilding Podcast”

  1. Off to a great start, enjoyed reading your books and now listening to you. You have really helped me the past couple of years. Thank you JD, truly appreciate all you do. I was bummed out when you took that long break, so glad you are back. That old pic would be cool to see..

    Thanks again…

  2. Been in gyms all my life and the one I’m using in my small town is fucking disgusting. Plates left all over, leg presses left loaded, laying on the floor, dumb bells scattered…never have seen anything like it.

    Liked your podcast, you sound like you write.

  3. Hey,

    Francesco here. We trained together last year.

    I drove sixty miles, once, just to have a beer with someone I didn’t even like that much. You said it well in another article: sometimes, bodybuilding is all we have.

    I relocated thrice (London, LA and Eastern Europe) and loneliness can be a bitch. We don’t talk often about it. We should. Loneliness can make you do stupid shit. I had built this home gym, three years ago, and no matter what bullshit happened in my life, the gym was always there, and it soon became my favorite form of therapy.

    Best of luck with your podcast!


  4. So pretty soon we should expect a podcast between the two titans; namely John Doe and Victor Pride.

    Right. That shouldn’t even be a question.

    Good luck brother!

  5. I have been following this website and others (b&d) and have purchased 2 of your books: no bs bodybuilding and becoming the bull….both great books.

    After listening to your great podcast, your comment about sitting alone at the bar really hit home. In fact your no bs approach has kept me in the gym for 5 years now, and you are right at the end we only have ourselves. Here is to future articles and podcast!!

  6. had a good laugh during the 7 out of 8 placing part during the podcast. Went through a couple of similar things like 10 different jobs for short amounts of time and going to college for a few years studying law and not putting anything into it and working at law firms but then stopping and later on going into things that are more blue collar – I mean hell no 18 year really knows what he is supposed to do for a job, right? It took me some time to find out that I cringe at office lighting and office type of work and wont go back to this soul sucking type of stuff. Are you still out sometimes in construction but as a fabricator or as a fabricator manfucaturing stuff inside a shop?

    • Dave93, that was my background but I don’t do it anymore. I got out of it about 10 years ago. I primarily worked in the shop as a fabricator and then I briefly left, and when I got back into it I started my own install company and subbed out for a shop that handled all of the Home Depot and Lowe’s kitchens in the surrounding areas. I got away from the business altogether because the writing was on the wall that the money just wasn’t there anymore with all of the solid surface and competitor materials that drove the stone countertop costs down.

  7. Hi JD

    Excellent podcast!!!!.

    Loved listening your honest words.

    Personally I can learn a lot from you.

    I am 41, started a few years ago going to the gym. Now I wish I started earlier. Even started a nutrition course…

    Anyway, good luck with your podcast. I will be listening.


  8. I’m so stoked for your podcasts, I’m so busy all the time and when I have to ride the bus or clean the house I love putting on a good podcast. Your blog is one of my favorites so now that you’re doing a podcast too is like an early Christmas present.

    I have a question for the next podcast:
    -Should your training style change if you are going to focuson high protein and saturated fat? Both from meat primairly. I’m not quit no-carb but I only have some rice at one point in the day. When doing high-carb I go form hard pump style training and have seen good results from that. Victor’s work from B&D has convinced me to try low carb for a while and see what happens.
    -How do the different rep ranges affect the big compound movements? I’m specifically referring to squats and deadlifts. Currently I go for a few sets of 6 reps when I do either. I was doing 1-3 reps for a while but felt I needed to build my lower-max (i don’t know if thats the right term) so I increased the reps. What do the different rep ranges accomplish with the multi-joint compound movements? (I’m also asking for Barbell Bench, overhead press, pullups, and any other compound movement you want to talk about.

    Looking forward to Tuesday!!

    • Because I’d prefer to keep it underground and talk 100% open about everything rather than show myself to the world for “views”- when I came back to this my mission was to separate myself from all of the mainstream bullshit out there. Bodybuilding has been a flock of lies for far too long now, it’s time to keep it real! -JD

  9. JD……….. just started to listen to your podcasts like 4 months ago and your straight forward, no holes barred, direct approach is awesome man. I am sure it is not for everyone but those that get it can truly relate to you. Not many podcasts can get me that motivated and make me laugh my ass off at the same time. Keep up the great work and would love for you to do more podcasts but I know you don’t want it to get stale.

  10. Hi John,
    Your podcasts are the shit!! -I listen each week!
    I agree with you Primo gives amazing results & would be my favorite as my body & muscles responded exponentially! I lost body fat, my pump was incredible, my muscles became defined & developed. Sadly the side affects hit me hard; I got terrible acne all over my upper arms, chest and back (that bothered me the most as people kept talking about it) got facial hair & a hoarse voice. I would love to do it again. Any suggestions on how to diminish those side effects for next cycle? I’m a 45 yr old female. Thanks

    • Not sure what dosage you were using, but a single shot of 50mg-100mg per week is abt max a female would want to go in my book. You have to remember it’s a DHT compound so those masulinization effects can happen easier if you don’t keep that dose down low. For women I always recommend a single shot per week of it, let the ester metabolize a bit before reintroducing it. Thanks for following! -JD

  11. Thanks that was very helpful. I was doing one shot of 150mg a week. So when I do another cycle I will lower it to maybe 75mg to get that sweet spot. I’m excited to give it another try. I appreciate the response. Best of luck.


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