Engaging in the Process & Gym Tips

You know, I see a lot of people trying to show the world how great they are rather than truly engaging in their workouts. This shit is becoming mainstream lately and people need to stop filming and START TRAINING FOR REAL!

Also, I give a few gym tips that have worked well for me, and a couple of new ones I’ve recently discovered!


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4 thoughts on “Engaging in the Process & Gym Tips”

  1. I train in Germany and since this last year its become a thing for people to have iphone tripods and film and they arent any good. I‘ve seen them even use a bench to hold their phone to record them doing something on another machine. I do 315 lbs on the bench 8-9 times depending on the day at 175 lbs, I‘ve trained hard in an old school way for years and people come up to me and ask me usually either which brand creatine I use or which brand protein I use and my answer is mental toughness and I don‘t use supplements. Then look disappointed and walk away. Another thing is girls wearing now what looks like bikini tops for sports bras and leggings jammed up their asses which im fucking sick of, and they get their own women‘s area and men can‘t wear tank tops. Here where I am its the only gym, but it feels extremely demoralising to be there with these dickheads

    • Parts of Germany have become extremely saturated with feminism and extreme leftist, woke bullshit! I pity people stuck in certain areas over there

  2. Hey John,

    I had a question, I have been doing old school exercises mainly heavy deadlift, squats, bench, rows, military press, situps and neck bridges. I build a body of steel and all I do is mainly these few, nothing else. I also noticed I get good results if I do two or three super heavy bench sets and stop, I don’t try to trash the muscle anymore. With this heavy weight it’s important to not overdo it, and to get enough rest. If you do a youtube search for mike tyson neck bridges I do the same and I had to train my neck for three months to do the rolling neck bridges. I’ve gotten a thick neck and it’s changed my whole appearance. I’m not on gear but I’m curious if you have ever done an old school routine like this with nothing more than grit because it’s given me the best results I’ve ever had. I’m a fan of mike tyson and I was wondering if you can get a neck like that without gear, I think he had to be on gear just for the fact the amount of hours of training he was putting in I would think if you were natural your tendons would not recover fast enough to continue to train like that.

    • I have never in my life trained my neck directly. It’s naturally gotten thicker as the rest of my body has grown, but this sort of training just seems dangerous and almost pointless to me. AS far as basic compound exercises, sure they definitely work TO A POINT, and that point is when gains come to a halt and the risk versus reward is no longer worth the trouble. It may work in phases, it may work for several years, but eventually it’s not going to work the same for growth and you have to change the approach to keep from getting injured and also hit on that slow twitch muscle fiber also, rather than all heavy and low reps. Do I think Mike Tyson was on gear? I feel like anyone at that level with that kind of money to make and lifestyle to sustain, is using any and every edge possible. Now, back to the training, do what is working for you. Just because something isn’t what I do doesn’t mean it won’t work for others.


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