5 Key Elements for GETTING SHREDDED!

In this podcast I discuss 5 key elements that I feel are important to know when it comes to getting shredded!

  1. Clean up the diet/flush out the system
  2. Stop worrying about work weight increases when you're trying to get shredded!
  3. Keep the supplements/gear plan simple!
  4. Only add compounds as you break through barriers and begin to physically look different during the dieting process!
  5. Use an appetite suppressant to avoid overeating!

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13 thoughts on “5 Key Elements for GETTING SHREDDED!”

  1. hi john andrew again,I want just want to ask you.I think I am addcited to porn when I am alone and really destructs me when I am reading through online.This urge always hurting me.Any advice jd? especially this locdown.

    • Hi andrew, please stop asking me stupid questions. This is a bodybuilding blog, not a therapy session for answers to chronic masturbation

      • Perhaps it’s bodybuilding porn he’s watching,… and you’re his favourite porn star,. Andrews bestest Gladiator 😂😂

        • Yea, right. See, unfortunately all these idiot, manosphere blogs talk abt jerking off non-stop and the topic is now the norm. Nah, this is abt building muscle, not how to quit beating off. Easy solution, don’t have so much time on your hands (no pun intended)

        • Yes sir, thanks for response. I want to ask you sir if working out with an appendix removal really concern in Bodybuilding? When I am falling asleep, I feel sometimes my knees are in pain and body part which my appendix was removed is in pain when I am sleeping

          • It’s not appendix pain, it’s the devil from the inside trying to twist your stomach and get you to beat your fucking dick more Andrew. You need to stab yourself in the gut with a knife and rid your soul of these demons

  2. JD,
    Thoughts on cheat days. Holding out until a sat or sunday and going hog wild or even just a meal that unrestricted once a week, once every other week?

    Thanks man

    • It depends, I say to cheat at least once a week. If you cannot enjoy 1 off diet meal a week then it ain’t worth it! I’ve found the frequency/quantity more dependant on age, metabolism and level of condition more than just a standing “once every some odd days” protocol. But for the most part maybe pick 1 off diet meal each week, but taking a whole day to blow it every meal that day probably won’t do most ppl any good

  3. thanks jd =) I really feel I have that demon inside me,well from your own words.I will fight it and make it suffer to let go of me..train hard,really big thanks..I will comment often to stay real and motivated from your no bullshit response.

  4. Hi jd,thanks for your no bullshit response.I will comment often to stay real and motivated.I will make this suffer to let go of me.Big thanks jd.

  5. I’m bolting up to do a cycle of EQ/Test C.I read your blog about old school cycles and I’m going to try that one. My concern is that with my gym being closed for the past two months I have been relegated to calisthenics and bands since I was caught lacking as far as home equipment. Do you think it would be a good idea to start or should I wait. I was thinking I could go ahead and do a cutting phase and recomp instead. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated

    • I think when it comes to development ppl are their own limits. I wouldn’t wait myself if I could get motivated enough to do whatever I could within my own power.


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