The Reality of Dieting and Training

In this podcast, I explain the reality of diet and training and simplify processes that people make extremely over complicated.

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3 thoughts on “The Reality of Dieting and Training”

  1. Hey brother,
    Very good podcast…. lots of info, made me laugh, inspired me… my day started out shitry and your podcast was in my inbox and I’m thankful for it…take care brother

  2. The cardio discussion reminded me of a cardio session last week. I use the elliptical due to a cranky knee and all the stair climbers are right in front of the ellipticals. I had a woman swaying her hips and doing this undulating stretching motion with her back right in front of me. Needless to say, that 15 minute planned cardio lasted 35 minutes. She was enjoying teasing and I was enjoying being teased. Finding something to occupy my mind makes cardio easy, and I love the stair climbers in front of me…


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