Covid Tried to Take my Gains!

So low and behold, I caught the Covid! In this podcast I explain the importance of establishing your best 100% on any given day, and how being realistic and consistent with that new 100% is much better than chasing a bar that you’re constantly setting too high!

Click the play button below to listen to Covid Tried to Take my Gains!

Thanks for tuning in, TRAIN HARD! -JD

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3 thoughts on “Covid Tried to Take my Gains!”

  1. People get the flu every year. Suddenly it’s all special. In 2018 I had a flu so bad I sneezed blood. That finally went away after a few months.

  2. Hey John,

    When I click here on podcast then play it takes me to what looks like a podcast. I haven’t seen any new posts on the main page for a while and didn’t even know you did a podcast. You should set this up in your admin that when you publish a new podcast is appears like a blog post on the main page


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