How to Keep Estrogen Under Control

Elevated levels of estrogen in a mans body can come from an “estrogen rebound” when coming off a cycle of steroids or even some supplements.

When you’re on something that raises testosterone (either synthetically or through a precursor means of increased testosterone levels) estrogen can rise up as well.

It may not rise up respectively to the increased hormone, but it CAN rise up beyond normal range.

Much of this depends on what you have taken, how much, and how your body reacts to the compound(s).

Estrogen can also become elevated even if you’re taking nothing, but your natural testosterone levels are dropping.

The final way estrogen can rise up is when you come off a cycle of steroids and/or certain supplements and test levels drop and estrogen “rebounds.”

This means that test levels drop and estrogen rises quickly.

Gynecomastia (or better known as “bitch tits”) is actually more common off cycle than when you’re on due to this estrogen rebound.

The trick at any given point in time to combating this is to take a proactive measure and use a small amount of aromatase inhibitor to keep estrogen at bay.

An A.I. (aromatase inhibitor) is something that prevents conversion of estrogen.

Unlike a SERM (selective estrogen receptor modulator such as Nolvadex) an aromatase inhibitor is something that totally blocks estrogen conversion.

SERMS only prevent estrogen from binding to receptor tissues in breast site, but this doesn’t mean that you still do not have estrogen circulating around in your system.

The name of the game here is getting a hormone panel done to see where your estrogen is at.

Estrogen levels that are too high or even too low can cause the same symptoms of low testosterone: such as loss of sex drive, lethargy, and depression.

When someone asks me what they should cycle and they’re already a high body fat percentage I advise against cycling until they get body fat under control.

HOWEVER, often what they’re dealing with is an uphill battle to combat estrogen at the same time before it’s a good idea to start their cycle. This happens to be the case with a lot of overweight individuals.

Diet can also play a major role in levels of testosterone to estrogen.

Diets that are higher in junk foods and dairy products can cause this, and soy products can definitely cause this.

I advise against soy products for anyone trying to get a rock-hard physique.

So the first step in lowering estrogen levels is to clean up the diet and lose the added body fat.

The next step (besides blood work to know exactly where you’re at) is to begin an aromatase inhibitor on its own.

Just using an aromatase inhibitor will lower estrogen levels and can elevate testosterone levels.

There are many Doctors who prescribe AI’s without prescribing testosterone, because just the AI can cause a jump in testosterone levels by as much as 150-200 ng/dl.

I also believe in using AI’s (aromatase inhibitors) while dieting to get estrogen under control and then discontinuing them once a healthier level of body fat is reached and the body finds a new homeostasis/recomposition.

AI’s can be used in small amounts as a tool to help lose water weight and body fat.

Let’s just say you didn’t get bloodwork done but suspected you had an off level of estrogen due to body composition and having a more difficult time losing body fat.

A small amount of AI will help out about 90% of guys trying to get shredded.

I actually recommend taking just an AI BEFORE cycling anything when someone is overweight.

The most common forms of AI’s are Aromasyn and Arimadex, but there is a new synthetic AI comparable to Arimadex called Arimistane.

Arimistane is one of the compounds found in a lot of prohormones and SARMS now.

It works extremely well at blocking estrogen conversion and lowering already existing levels of estrogen in the body.

PCT (post cycle therapy) is what bodybuilders use when coming off a cycle to help natural testosterone levels bounce back as well as prevent this estrogen rebound I’ve spoke of.

But what a lot of people don’t know is that this product can be used on its own before beginning a cycle. However you do not need as much as when using the product for recovery purposes.

I’ve had many individuals contact me who were on the borderline of low-normal testosterone levels with elevated estrogen levels. Before I suggest ANYTHING that would seal the deal for a guaranteed test replacement need, I first suggest Arimistane combined with a clean diet and cardio.

Countless numbers of these guys have gotten back in touch with me and have told me that they felt like a new person within the first week!

I’m not here to tell you that you cannot use other forms of AI’s, but I am here to tell you that if you’re looking for an accessible and legal form of a HIGHLY EFFECTIVE way to lower estrogen levels, then Arimistane  just may be your answer!

So whether you’re overweight, feel the effects of low testosterone or elevated estrogen, or want a quick way to shed excess water weight and body fat while dieting, give this product a run for it’s money and you may feel much better very quickly!

And before you begin any cycle it’s always a good idea to do as much as you can on just the minimum.

Remember, it’s not always about high levels of testosterone to feel good, it’s about finding the right balance of test:estrogen!

Over and out- JD

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79 thoughts on “How to Keep Estrogen Under Control”

    • I’d use it at 1 cap per day until I was under 12-15% bodyfat. Its going to depend a lot on how much fat you’re carrying, but 8 wks would be a good run for it. you don’t need a lot, you aren’t trying to recover from a cycle or anything, just 1 cap a day

  1. Does an AI cause any negative effects such as, when coming off it, estrogen increases more than it was before? Or suppressed natural estrogen production?

    What do you think of a man with normal estrogen levels, 10-14% body fat, high testosterone, and everything good, all natural, using an aromatase inhibitor just to get some extra testosterone naturally?

    I think an AI would make estrogen levels too low in someone that’s already in the normal range.

    • I wouldn’t know how to answer this without seeing bloodwork. But if it were myself I would try it and use a bare minimal amount for cycles or 8-12 wks

      • LH – 6.6 (ref range 1.7-8.6)
        FSH serum – 5.4 (ref range 1.5-12.4)
        Estradiol – 34.1 (ref range 7.6-42.6)

        Total testosterone 700-1,000.

        Physique –×1024.jpg

        I hear optimal estradiol range is 25-35 for my testosterone levels. I think I’ll get more vascular and harder with 20-25 though.

        I’m natural and going to stay natural.

        Just thinking of running an AI to drop all water weight, get more vascular, and hard. No AAS cycle / SARMS / prohormones.

          • Damn I found a big flaw. Most AIs (the one in RED-pct too) inhibit 5 alpha reductase as well. Which I’m sure you know is the enzyme that converts testosterone into dihydrotestosterone. DHT is superior to total testosterone so that makes the AI not worth it.

          • The scientific answer is much applauded, HOWEVER DHT doesn’t aromatize and helps create a harder physique. DHT is stronger than testosterone but superior is all dose dependent on all compounds involved. This is like saying someone could use 1,000mg/wk of testosterone and only 200mg/wk of Masteron (another DHT) and they wouldn’t get the anabolic effects of testosterone. It’s a little more involved than what you’re saying, I hate to break it to you like this. This is also why I’m suggesting just 1 cap per day of PCT during cycle or even by itself.

  2. I’m currently borderline obese with approx. 24% body fat. I’ve never taken any sort of steroid or supplement before so I’m brand new to this sort of thing. Your article suggests one RED-PCT capsule daily to start, but should I keep anything else in mind as I start dieting down and getting down to more of an “average” state?

  3. Would you reccomend one capsule / day for 8 weeks to a skinny-fat beginner who is trying to get from 0 push ups and chin ups to 50 push ups (20-16-14) and 25 chin ups (10-8-7)?

    • No, I’d recommend nothing until you do everything you can on your own. I’d love to tell you it’d help out, but we are talking about apples to oranges here. Put in the work and bust ass and eat enough to grow and get stronger man, you don’t need any supplements to get to 50 pushups

  4. John I’m about 40lbs overweight been dieting and exercising and started up on my TRT about two weeks ago. So as of today i ordered my Red Supplement PCT, Should i take one red capsule a day for the 8 weeks. Please advise.

    • yes, it would definitely help, with TRT most guys are using 1/2mg 2-3x/wk of arimadex, but 1 cap of PCT per day is good as well. It’ll do the same thing

      • John Thanks for getting back to me! I’ve been trying my ass off to get in shape keep my mental clarity sharp and balance life! I want to be the best I can for my Family! Your knowledge is appreciated very much!


  5. John overweight by 40lbs just started TRT ,exercising ,dieting two weeks ago would like to drop some weight before summer. Just ordered Red Supplement PCT should I cycle the 1 capsule for 8 weeks?

  6. I need help fast I took a Mass HGH and that pill would make it get super hungry asf I would eat anything after I was done taking it I saw a gut sticking out and i still have it how can I lower my gut should I get a lean HGH so it can go away will that help me lose my gut ?

  7. Hi..john..nice article…im 18 year old from India…john..i wanna ask u a question..can bones also grow in width or diameter by using anabolic steroids for long time..i mean steroids are derivatives of basic testosterone..and testosterone is what differentiates man from has larger body and bones than woman because of is this makes sense that using steroids can further increase bone asking this coz my frame is very wrists are only 6.5 inches….whats ur own experience? much your wrists and bones have changed since ur first steroid cycle…whats was ur basic structure..before u started packing on muscle or started cycling? Are u a ecto, endo or meso?

    • I was a mesomorph when I began, probably more endo/meso now as I’ve gotten older. I always had larger joints but was thinner framed. I was about 140 lbs when I began working out and had gotten as high as 263 lbs before. I cruise in the 220’s now though almost all year long. Steroids do promote bone growth to some degree, as to how much I don’t know

  8. John..whats ur opinion on insulin only cycle..i think its better and safer than general steroid cycle for younger men if doses are very carefully adjusted..coz there is no hpta recovery issue…and no loss of muscle mass after the cycle is over unlike steroid cycle in which 50% mass is lost..what do you think?

    • nah, I wouldn’t. Yes, nutrient transport is going to be better but there is no added hormone to back it up. Insulin is anabolic but it’s not a testosterone derivative. It would be like using racing fuel in an older 4 cylinder car. I personally wouldn’t use it as a standalone. I have in the past and all I really got out of it was bodyfat

  9. Hey John, I took a test cycle for 12 weeks at 250mg pins twice a week. I also ran Parabolan at the 6th week for 2 and a half weeks but had to stop it do to sides. Its been almost 2 years since I did the cycle and my test came back still low recently. I also haven’t worked out for about a year and a half due to an accident and am now getting back in the gym and have put on about 50 pounds. Would an AI help me restore test levels now or do you have any suggestions? Thanks a lot in advance

  10. Hey John,

    FSH – 4.9
    LH – 4.4
    Estradiol – 113
    Testosterone – 7.8 nmol/L

    From your experience, do those numbers look normal to you other than the low test obviously?

    What do you recommend? Trying to get levels normal as the wife and I are trying to conceive

  11. Hey John,

    FSH – 4.9
    LH – 4.4
    Estradiol – 113
    Testosterone – 7.8 nmol/L

    From your experience, do those numbers look normal to you other than the low test obviously?

    What do you recommend? Trying to get levels normal as the wife and I are trying to conceive

        • That converts to 225 ng/dl. Definitely damn low and estrogen is way high.

          From those lab results I can tell your body fat is real high, probably obese.

          Your gonadotropics are decent, not bad at all. The problem you have is there’s a lot of aromatase activity in your body.

          What you can do naturally…
          1. Stop being a fatass ASAP. Get to 10-15% body fat.
          2. Increase your T naturally
          3. An AI will help, but the main problem is your fat converting testosterone into estrogen via aromatase.

  12. Hey John, great stuff you’re writing about here – very informative, love it.
    Just wondering about your thoughts on the following:
    – Using clomid + Aromasin for say 3-4 weeks as a way to boost natrual Test & reduce Estrogen for a non-steriod user “never ever touched steriod in my life”.
    Of course, this won’t give me a MrO or the physique look. It’s just for getting a little hard look & staying away from being suppressed/showdown.

  13. I am now on a mass building cycle with Test Matrix,,,,,,,,just started my 2-month,,,,,,,,,,I have a bottle of Aromatase Inhibitor,, The cycle suggests to take the Aromatase after the building cycle. Would it be beneficial to take it during the cycle, to suppress the possible build up of estrogen already existing or the current build up of estrogen that could possibly exists ? I am 52 yrs. old with 35 yrs. lifting experience. I am on a clean diet to drop body fat, with all of this taken into consideration I want to achieve maximum results.

    Thank you for your reply, Dan

  14. I want to increase my DHT. I know lowering aromatase activity = more testosterone gets converted to DHT. Is this a good AI for increasing DHT?

  15. Hows your opinion about Arimidex if you are always on and just cruising between the higher loads of different aas?

    Do you suggest to add Ari year around, too?

    Ive been on 250-500 Test and different orals since a few years and I am wondering if Ari ed or eod might improve my physique (water retention) and other aspects a lot.

    My blood is still fine and I dont have any problems with bitch tits or anything else. Just curious if Arimidex ED or EOD is worth the effort year around for me.


  16. Progesterone is produced in a woman’s body in quantities a thousand-fold greater than estrogens. Progesterone is a pivotal building block for the production of other hormones, including estrogens, glucocorticoids and corticosteroids. Without progesterone there would be no menstrual cycle or reproduction. Progesterone plays an essential role including keeping the stimulatory effects of estrogen under control.

  17. I have a relatively high bf percentage and after starting testosterone cypianate at 250mg for first week my breast begin getting tender and I started took novadex 60mg for the last 2 days and the soreness has gone a little but I definitely still have puffiness below and around my nipples. I don’t have enough nolvadex to last a full 8 wks so I’ve decided to go ahead and come off the stuff. My question is will red pct help me get rid of the estrogen and if I start taking it now should I still take Nolvadex and clomid after only injecting one time of 25o mg of Cypianate on May 25. Also should I tape off the test by 50mg a week and since I don’t have enough Nolvadex to last that long and then for PCT will the Red PCT take care of my estrogen problems if I wean off the Test and just start over by leaning out before I take test again and have the correct AI’s on hand.
    I didn’t even think I would need to take any Nolvadex at all on 250mg but I was very wrong.

    • I don’t ignore questions on purpose, sometimes I get busy and overlook things by accident. I’m human like anyone else. Good luck with your gyno and if you come back to read this then yes, Red PCT will lower existing levels of estrogen in your body since AI’s are shown to prevent estrogen buildup AND lower existing levels.

      I am shocked you had gyno at 250mg/wk of testosterone after just 1 week

      • Thanks for responding. I’m just a little stressed from having the sore nipples. I dropped my Test dose to 75mg ever 4 days. 20mg of Nolvadex a days and my right nipple is sore again but no bumps. I’m going to order the Red PCT and give it a shot. Would the 1 pill a day be good for water weight and estrogen or should I do the 3 a day? When I complete my Test cycle in a little over 5 weeks should I include OSTA for Post Cycle Therapy along with Nolvadex and Clomid for 4 weeks and if so should I start the OSTA the same day of last shot or along with the Nolvadex/Clomid about 18 days after my last shot. Thanks for you help.

        • Bro, I would use 3 capsules per day of that PCT until the soreness goes away. On PCT you could use Osta-Red as a taper off from the cycle but I don’t think I’d use it as part of a traditional PCT. I’d come off everything besides the recovery agents and let time off help you recover

          • Sounds good….The Red PCT should be on its way and I’ll give you an update once I start taking it.

    • You gave him around a few hours to respond to an internet question? Also, you probably have gyno from being overweight, not from running a minuscule amount of gear for less then the time needed to even shut you down.

  18. Great article man! Have a question for you about this product and testosterone. I’m 6’1 and 160lbs, fairly lean but have small amount of fat and noticeable gynecomastia. Have had it since I was a teenager. Do you think the estrogen blocker would help? I’d rather stay away from surgery if possible. My testosterone level is also fairly low at 350ng,

  19. John,

    I have been off the ostarine cycle you recommended for a month or so now, and last week finished off the pct which was about a month as well. Since being off, I ve noticed that my lifts have gone down and I feel weak and tired. Is this normal? An example would be that I could do a front squat of 185 for 6-8 reps no problem. Today I struggled to get 3! Any advice would be helpful, I did up my calories a little to see if that helps, but its too early to tell. Thanks.


  20. I have felt like my chest has been on fire for the past week. It’s been a week after PCT. got bloods done and test is at 715 Estro is at 97. I have letro. Is now the time to nuke the estrogen? Will the puffiness subside?

  21. on trt for a year.hurinated discs..on pain meds killing my test.. took deca for 6 weeks back in june.. helped my back alot. did eq in september for 6 weeks.. on anastrozol with hcg.. i notice the past 2 months my left nipple hurts when i push on it… could it be my prolactin is up.. while on trt for 18 left nipple has been hurting time to time.. right one is fine.. should i get cabaser..from a serm co.. thank you

  22. Hi please help, the estrogen blocker pill you mention works too well. I have taken it for too long now against advice on the directions of pack and now paying the price . My estrogen has tanked and I feel terrible probably as bad or even worse than when my T was low. I’m a 45yr old on TRT with bodyfat about 10% . Should I take bigger dose of testosterone now to try and boost up E2?. I’m going crazy here

  23. I’m about 210 – 30% body fat.

    From reading the article I should take 1 per day. Should I cycle it off every four weeks or just continue until I reach a low BF %.

  24. Hi, thanks for your help on this site. I really got a lot out of it. I do have an issue

    I was on test C. for 9 weeks . During the cycle I took Arimidex (Anastrozole) (every 3 days) and after finishing my cycle, I waited 2 weeks to start nolvadex for a month (dosage – 40/40/20/20).

    I waited 2 weeks after my PCT cycle to check my blood levels. They are all below


    Weight – 148llbs (went down from 156llbs after the cycle)
    Age – 34

    During testosterone cycle (10/20 till 12/26 – 9 weeks) – 12/10/19
with arimidex (anastrozole) – (every 3 days)
    – Testosterone – 1149 (HIGH)
    – LH – <0.2 (LOW)
    – FSH 0.3 (LOW)
    – ESTRADIOL – <6.0 (LOW)

    After testosterone cycle ( 2 weeks after) – 01/08/20
    – Testosterone – 256 (LOW)
    – LH – 3.6 (NORMAL)
    – FSH 3.0 (NORMAL)
    – ESTRADIOL – 20.4 (NORMAL)

    After PCT cycle (nolvadex dosage- 40/40/20/20) – 2/11/20
test was done 2 weeks after finishing PCT
    – Testosterone – 423
    – LH – 9.3 (HIGH)
    – FSH 5.7 (NORMAL)
    – ESTRADIOL – 46.9 (HIGH)

    my estrogen level seems very high. Im feeling very lethargic, no libido, joints hurting and not myself. Should I take anastrozole for a few week or a month to see if it helps with the estrogen? What dosage do you think I should take?

  25. I know this article is years old but I wanted to ask if these same rules apply for women?

    Can a women do this as well since it is an estrogen blocker will it be counteractive in results of fat loss or hormone homeostasis?

    • This does not apply to women, this is geared towards males with higher estrogen causing bloat. Thanks for reading- JD

  26. Hi John

    Literally just bought your book. Im glad youre still responding in 2021. I will be doing the first beginners cycle the “pyramid” method
    I have obtained cypionate, tamoxibolic, and an HCG (just in case my balls don’t come back and I need assistance)
    I know you state we should be using Clomid, BUT I was wondering if I could use tamox and the red-pct cycle stack to get back to my normal numbers.
    1. Can I use them both at the same time for my PCT, two weeks after my last test injection?
    2. For HCG, if I do use it during cycle, will it mess with my gains?
    3. How long after all this can I say these are “my gains” with out having to worry that I might still lose what I worked for?
    My stats: 5 8” 179lbs 15% bf
    Test: 383
    Estradiol: 41

    • 1. yes
      2. No, use 500iu 2x weekly during cycle
      3. have no idea, you’ll lose at least 50% though after you quit the cycle

  27. Hello John,
    Great article! I have been trying to find some good information on Arimistane but it seems there isn’t much out there. Would you recommend arimistane as an AI on a basic test cycle and if so, how would you incorporate it?
    Thank you for reading,

  28. Hey,
    Question. Ive had a little gyno for a year i cant get rid of, except by just staying on arimistane 100mg a day.
    Been doing this for almost a year. Joints hurt a bit in the beginning, but not anymore. I take less when i can but occasionally take 150 on days when its acting up.
    The only noticable side effects are that im lean and a bit more ripped than usual.
    Trying to get my diet to where i dont need the stuff anymore. And some nolva def helped, getting more.
    My question is how bad do you think staying on arimistane like this is for ones health?

    • Probably not a good idea to stay on it all the time. If gyno is acting up then something is out of whack and you need to get labs done to see where estrogen and prolactin levels are at

  29. Hey John! I plan to follow your “The 1 Vial Steroid Cycle for Beginners” cycle.

    I’m going to use clomid 50mg a day for 3 weeks. Last Test-C injection will be on week 8 – so do I start Clomid on week 10 or 11?

    Also with working shifts 2-on and 4-off, I cannot stick to a chosen day of the week to inject as I may be in work. Can I inject 1 day either side of the once per week? Say week 1 I inject Monday, week 2 can I inject Sunday or Tuesday?

    I’m also worried about Gynecomastia. I shall buy Arimidex to have it on hand and should I get signs of Gynecomastia, I will take it. Should I take it at 0.25, .5mg or 1mg every three days for the rest of the cycle? I believe at the dosage of this cycle (2cc being the upper limit) Gynecomastia is a low risk.

    Sorry for the essay ;) any advise you can offer will be super appreciated.

    Thank you for these awesome right ups!

    • Start with .5mg adex twice per week, I doubt you would need to go beyond that on this cycle. In your case you could either inject a day early or day after as you talked abt. The half life of the drug is long enough it won’t matter. Thanks for following! -JD


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