The Role of Carbohydrates in Bodybuilding

In this podcast I give my perspective on carbohydrate role in bodybuilding and fat-loss.

I'm not here to debate which type of diet works better for some people over others, I'm simply giving my perspective on carbohydrate role and what has worked well through my own experience.

The most important part of any diet is to learn how your own body responds to things.

No matter what you read or hear about, be conscious of how YOU DO with any sort of diet.

Learn and fine-tune things as you gain more experience.



5 thoughts on “The Role of Carbohydrates in Bodybuilding”

  1. I’ve lost a lot of fat in the last 18 months on a low carb, very low carb, and keto diet, but I have plateaued it seems. I think I will lose too much muscle mass if I continue doing this, so I’m contemplating how to tactically add carbs while still trying to lose the stubborn few pounds around the middle. Thinking to do a cycle of var and do a hard cut to lose some of it, then reintroduce clean carbs back in, mostly around workouts.

  2. Awesome podcast as always JD. I ride a motorcycle and the same thing applies (lose upper body, loose grip on the handlebars.) it makes absorbing shock much easier on your body.

    Now about diet, I used to be a pretty heavy guy: 5’7, 220lbs. I was a damn fat fuck, now 4 years later I am at 176, kept a lot of size on upper torso (shoulders, chest, traps, lats, and currently have a 30″ waist. I used intermittent fasting mixed with low carb due to me being of hispanic decent, and unfortunately due to my culture it is all about carbs. So obviously for me was to take an honest look and adjust accordingly, now I smash weights 3 to 4 times a week and lift heavy and for volume depending on my energy levels. Now remember I am only 5’7 so 220lbs in a fat framed body looks fucking terrible. When my diet changed a lot of people looked at me like I was fucking retarded, and kept telling me “you will do this for a week”, “oh come on you only live once”, “your no fun”etc. even if you do not read this thank you for your time and awesome podcast.

    on a side note, what happened to that youtube chat between you and brandon carter? that shit was fucking spot on and hilarious. All i remember is you saying “that man had a sticker on his car that said, I LOVE MY WIFE.” I literally still think of that shit. Sorry for the unrelated note.

    Thanks JD.

    • It was removed because I didn’t want the subject matter public anymore. Some of what I speak abt is still illegal in most places and there is no reason to put a face to the material all the time


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