Bodybuilding when you have THE JUICE!

No, I'm not speaking of “JUICE” in terms of anabolics here.

THE JUICE is that inner drive, that inner monster, that do or die mentality that drives bodybuilding results!

Look, I don't give a damn what resources you have for bodybuilding, how much money you have for bodybuilding, and what your available time in the gym looks like; if you don't have THE JUICE then you will never look or perform like someone that has it!

We all know that person who has everything you could ask for; they have their next 3 cycles stockpiled away ahead of time, they have all the steaks and chicken you would ever need in a given month.

But they just don't have that inner fucking beast in the gym.

I'm here to talk about the juice and what it can do for you in terms of bodybuilding results and breaking through physical and mental barriers!

I also speak about the new ebook that will be releasing next which is an extension of my Shredded Ops program.

If you're looking for a new and exciting way to train that you have probably never tried before, something different that isn't like all the other cliche “starting programs” out there, then be sure to check out “LET THE BLOOD SPILL” which will be out very soon!

In the meantime, check out Shredded Ops if you haven't yet, it will be a good primer for “LET THE BLOOD SPILL.”

(WARNING- not for beginners, this shit will put you in a casket!)



2 thoughts on “Bodybuilding when you have THE JUICE!”

  1. Your pull-ups comment reminded me of the gym yesterday. I was doing cardio and watching this lady at the pull up bar. She didn’t give a fuck who was watching and that she couldn’t do a pull-up, but she’d get herself in a full pull up position by using a step and then slowly lower herself down working on the eccentric contraction. I was like “fuck yeah”, this chick has some drive, she’ll be doing pull-ups in no time. I’m at a pretty large commercial gym now and it’s the dedicated women that inspire me the most. Most guys are too busy looking at themselves in the mirror or their phone to get a focused workout and it’s the die hard women in there kicking butt I love to watch the most. They don’t take steroids, they don’t have the musculature that men do, but they do have “the juice”.

    • Yea, women are starting to work harder in the gym than a lot of dudes now. Bunch of pussies, saw a chick in the gym one day that said to her boyfriend ,”ok, that’s enough, I don’t like that strain on your face” hahaha


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