Bodybuilding: ARE YOU IN OR OUT?

Bodybuilding: ARE YOU IN OR OUT?

I think many of us go through some of the same mental battles within ourselves when it comes to gym life.

Sometimes we question ourselves and what we put into the gym lifestyle. Sometimes we question whether or not we are doing the right thing.

I believe that it's easy to question things because some people are comparing their own lives with other people's lives that are truly apples to oranges in similarity!

You've found what it is you enjoy and if you commit to it then I don't believe you should always feel guilty about it!

Also, stop thinking reactive all the time and start thinking proactively!

If you want to do this on a higher level then think about HOW YOU CAN DO THIS ON A HIGHER LEVEL, NOT HOW YOU CAN CUT CORNERS ALL THE FUCKING TIME!

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3 thoughts on “Bodybuilding: ARE YOU IN OR OUT?”

  1. I was thinking of slacking off when prepping my meals. Saw your podcast, wacked it on in the kitchen and thought what the hell am I thinking?! I prepped like a motherfucker listening to this.

    You sound like a fucking Navy SEAL at the end. – awesome podcast


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