Bodybuilding: Kitchen Sink Blend Versus Minimalist Approach

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I hope you’ve all been putting in the work and training hard. In this podcast I explain the differences between a “kitchen sink blend approach” versus a minimalist approach, and why sometimes it’s better to go back to a minimalist approach as we continue forward, and bodybuilding becomes more of a lifestyle than say a short-term approach to achieving results.

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4 thoughts on “Bodybuilding: Kitchen Sink Blend Versus Minimalist Approach”

  1. Again, great breakdown in the approach. Either shoot all the guns at once, in all directions, and make minimal progress OR shoot one big gun, in the right direction, and crush goals. He represents those of us who prefer to drink our protein shakes with water and rusty nails.

    • I like cables for arm work, I actually had to look this up because I’ve always called it a cable curl? A 1 arm cable curl? I was like WTF is a bayesian curl? Fancy name though, but it’s a 1 arm cable curl! Yes, I like them, however its a curl. It’s not superior to anything, just a nice changeup IMO


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