Total Body Recomp: The Recovery/Recomp Series For 2016!!

So you guys have seen the videos by now: the heavy metal music and banging out hard sets, the high intensity principles and the punishment, and ridiculous techniques such as the “one song set”.

When I'm in the gym I honestly have trouble holding back.

No matter how tired I am, as soon as I set foot in the gym it's like a light switch gets flipped on and it's 110% or nothing.

So what you don't see are the conversations I have with my brother who is also my camera man (and a damn good one too!!) I can't even tell you how many times we've brainstormed over the phone about what we can film for our viewers.

Just like a writer who often gets “writers block” we go through the same issues with videos. I have a couple videos of random workouts posted, but I honestly feel like I'm not doing the viewers justice if I cannot teach anything.

So today I'm in there filming a pre-exhaustion technique for rear delts (something a lot of guys have trouble with) and after the demonstration the video is over with. It's going to be a short video but it's a short video that you can take something away from and apply it immediately.

It's not just entertainment, it's teaching. As you've probably gathered by now, I like to have fun with life and it takes discipline not to joke around. I grew up as a prankster and a funny guy, and bodybuilding is probably what I needed to level me out.

So after we left the gym we drove out to the middle of nowhere to get something to eat at this hole-in-the-wall country restaurant. You know the type of place I'm talking about, looks like a shit-hole from the outside but has amazing food and has been around for probably at least 30-40 years.

One thing I truly enjoy about filming is I get to spend time with my brother. It seems like as we get older, most of the time we get less and less time with our siblings. But on days that we film videos I get to have a lot of fun with my brother.

For example, today we started filming a short film about the world coming to an end and having to head north to get away from zombies (they always head north right?). So we are at an area where there was a bridge washed out and the road just ended, and he is filming me talking about how I woke up one day and everything was destroyed.

So trying my best to be the great actor I know I am, I begin screaming, “Noooooooo, you fucking bastards!!!” Well, it was all good until I realized there were construction workers on the other side of the bridge who thought I was calling them all bastards. So we quickly left, but we got the opening scene!!

There is so much that goes on outside of the gym that we don't show you, but we have a really good time with that camera.

So I go back to the gym later on and I'm doing my usual high intensity deal, and all of a sudden I realize something: I'm burnt out….big time!!

I mean, the videos are all good and dandy but there has to be a theme and we've been kind of all over the place lately. So right then and there I switched up the workout style and left the gym feeling pretty good.

I went back to slightly higher volume and lighter weights. I thought that I would dedicate the next couple of months to recovery/recomp/health, and thinking outside of the box.

So I think I'm going to kick off 2016 with a video series which basically puts overall health as the #1 priority, including some dietary modifications that will help me become healthier and bring me up stronger from a different approach.

Rather than hitting a brick wall at certain points, how about we take two steps backward to take another leap forward?

Basically what I'm going to do is use a few supplements I believe in along with my doctor prescribed dosage of testosterone, HCG, and Aromasin. I'm going to show you what minimal shit, hard work, and persistence can do to change a body.

Rather than beating myself up, I'm going to do more to build myself up.

I will call this video series: “Total Body Recomp” and although I think anyone could benefit from it, guys who are looking to find their way back into a gym and need a clear path and battle plan will probably benefit from this the most.

What I'm really trying to do here is to put every aspect of health and fitness first before just pounding weights and tearing my body down 24/7, which I believe will also be more rewarding to help my well-being in all other areas of my life as well.

I guess you could say that I'm not only trying to mold my body, but change my character as well. I would like fitness and nutrition to be the driving force behind a life change in itself, not just physique-wise.

So expect more videos outside of just pounding weights, more expertise on fitness in other areas outside of weights, and more on my perspective of life in general.

I'm also going to do a supplement series for “Total Body Recomp” which is going to be a basic rundown of supplements I will be using myself for this process. I don't want to tell anyone to just go out and blow a bunch of money on supplements, so what I'm going to do is come up with a list of what I'm using and explain to you guys why I'm using it.

Over the next couple months, the videos will show you my blueprint for how I'm taking my body to a condition that is ready for the spring season. I have found that sometimes when we put health as #1 we actually get stronger while feeling better at the same time, not just knocked down all the time!!

To sum all of this up, I'm changing my approach here to how I usually do things. I am a huge proponent of low frequency/high intensity training, but I never said I wasn't open to other ways.

These “other ways” are utilized when my body begins to get beat up, and my approach needs to change.

I'm hoping this “Total Body Recomp” series can help some of you out and I'm excited to take a different path with John Doe Bodybuilding, and see what kind of feedback I get!!

So there you have it, some new things to come in the beginning of 2016!! I'm wishing all of you a very Merry Christmas and keep training hard!!

– JD


8 thoughts on “Total Body Recomp: The Recovery/Recomp Series For 2016!!”

  1. Marry Christmas JDB and all the best for this 2016!! And, if you can, please post something about customizing workouts,diets,cycles for different body types,age etc…

  2. Merry Christmas JD and everyone who has subscribed. I would like to see something on how Body Building had changed your life because it has really saved mine. It has put me on a path of success, my mind has become focused and my attitude is positive. If I had kept on living my life the way I was and never re-discovered BB I would be DEAD. One FUCKED UP story.

  3. Thanks to everyone who follows. I really appreciate you all and you guys are part of the driving force that keeps JDB growing. JDB WILL BE ONE OF THE BEST KNOWN BODYBUILDING SITES SOON ENOUGH!!

  4. I knew the day would come when this blog served a huge purpose in my life.

    All this time I’ve read body building and other activities and knowledge from this site that seemed to not be my style. And don’t get me wrong..I really haven’t read a john doe post in over 6 months..

    But now i am excited.

    Ever since i hurt my wrist from RSI I have been putting health first. My muscles from my tricep down to the outside of my wrist atrophied and my nerve is also slightly injured from all the massaging i had to do just to get rid of RSI.

    HEALTH, strength and feeling good in general Should be placed above all.
    Now I’m in the gym telling my self my muscles will never atrophy again.

    Thanks John doe i really hope you serve as brother in my recovery into the gym and life in general.

    Bring these articles as soon as possible please.


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