Boats & Hoes

In this podcast I respond to a listener question concerning a boat trip for 2-3 weeks and what to do for exercises and what to bring for food.

I think a lot of times we tend to think of trips and changes in training as possibly detrimental, but I've learned to look at it like setting myself up for more gains!

Also, people tend to seriously under-estimate the value of adding bodyweight movements to a weight training routine.

I have found great benefit to doing bodyweight movements mixed into weight training and I only got bigger by doing so!

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4 thoughts on “Boats & Hoes”

  1. Timely podcast JD.

    Since the podcast was a bit about adapting to life situations for exercise, I decided to throw this at you to see what you think. Maybe it can benefit someone else too.

    One of the drawbacks of stripping off fat is I’ve uncovered an umbilical hernia, which I’m having repaired next Friday. I’m limited to 10 lbs for 2 weeks and 30 lbs for 4 weeks after that. I’ve put some thought into getting back into things post surgery and here’s my thoughts so far.

    Week 1: Walking
    Weeks 2: Walking, light elliptical, and Yoga based “exercise” using pain as a guide.
    Week 3: 3 day split push/pull/legs using 30 lbs max weight or bodyweight.
    Week 4: Push/Pull for 4 days using 30 lbs max weight and/or bodyweight.
    Week 5-6: work up to 6 days push/pull using 30 lbs max weight and/or bodyweight.

    All sets will start at 1 and work up to 4 per exercise over the 6 weeks starting with minimal volume and working up as tolerated.

    Nutrition: I’ve been running at a 200-400 calorie surplus, have gained 10 lbs in 8 weeks and only added 1/2” to my waist, so keeping fat gain to a minimum. Plan on running at a slight calorie surplus for the first week then running at a 500 calorie deficit , dropping carbs and upping protein for the recovery to take a little fat off. If I can’t focus on workouts, I can focus on diet.

    I know you do programs for income, so not asking for one, just your advice on if I’m on the right track.

  2. I liked this one a lot JD. Always love your advice on bodyweight movements. I think way too many bodybuilders discount them. They definitely build size and help out so much with things like joint health and mobility. I’ve really been enjoying Shredded Ops BTW speaking of bodyweight movements. Love the design of the program. Sorry to hear about your injury. I hope it heals much faster than expected!!

  3. HaHa great podcast, thanks for the advice. And yes! it’s a pleasure trip. There’s not going to be much hoes tho as my gf is coming with. I’ll def do lots of pushups, squats and ab exercises along with stretching. I think I can come back from this trip even stronger than I am now. As for nutrition yeah it won’t be optimal but as long as I don’t cave in and eat shit and drink all will be fine, plenty of good food will be available, including some wild caught fish I hope.
    Take care man and I hope your arm heals well. Will make a prayer for you while out there on a boat.


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