The Benefits of Cruising Between Steroid Blasts

What’s up guys?

Look, I know where some of you are at right now; the cycle is winding down and you’re going to go back to just TRT or a traditional PCT. I know, I know, IT SUCKS! You begin to dread your strength losses, you fear the feeling of being just human again, I’ve been there myself and know it all too well.

But, think of it like this and it’ll help you get through performance enhancement poverty until the next steroid blast!



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3 thoughts on “The Benefits of Cruising Between Steroid Blasts”

  1. Amazing podcast Mr. JDB!
    Just a question: I have been running TRT for years now, and opt to not go clean and take time off (pct). Can I add anavar to my trt at say, 30mg/day for 2-3months and still can consider it to be on a cruise? Or does it constitute a blast once I add anavar to my TRT?
    Is it the same for winstrol as well?

    Thank you for all your advice and support.

    Bob (East Africa)

    • I’d call it a cruise myself since dosing so low, I know people who do that with both anavar and winstrol alongside their TRT. Anavar is probably the safer compound to do it with, if doing it with winstrol then no more than 25mg/day IMO, and I don’t exceed 8 weeks on winstrol.

  2. Another solid podcast with some useful tidbits.

    I too had good success with BPC-157 & TB-500. It really helped with a partially torn rotator cuff.

    Good luck getting below 220 – working on a target of 215 myself. We’ll see who gets there first!


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