How HARD is it to achieve a body that stands out?

In this podcast I explain some topics such as:

  • how hard is it to achieve a body that stands out?
  • how to stay motivated & develop the right mindset to continue making progress
  • maintaining balance between diet and life
  • alcohol consumption
  • physical work & muscle retention
  • are there any other alternatives to looking good besides strictly working out in the gym?
  • how to work through an illness or physical derailment
  • body maintenance and the cost of physical wellness and recovery

In this podcast I share my outlook on these topics.

Since many people have trouble staying motivated and moving forward with the diet and training I thought that maybe if I explained the mentality of the approach it might make things easier for some of you!

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3 thoughts on “How HARD is it to achieve a body that stands out?”

  1. Bro, your podcast style is awesome.

    True iron game veteran insights.

    And I almost choked on my coffee at: “You wanna indulge at Burger King and consider that quality of life? No! You fat f&%k.”

  2. Spot on as always. Fucking right, the more of your podcasts I listen to the more I think yeahh that’s how I’m feeling about things these days. Just bullshit noise everywhere, I don’t even listen to the radio/read the news anymore. So much trash !!!

    My gym is right on the sea front, soon as I finish training I’m out fishing!


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