10 Bodybuilding Fundamentals to Accelerate Your Results!

What’s up guys? I hope everyone has been well and kicking ass with their training and nutrition! If you’re on cycle then you better be putting in the work to make it worthwhile too!

I decided to do a podcast on 10 bodybuilding fundamentals that I feel are the most important parts of building a killer body. Remember, the steps you need to take to enhance your look all begin with your mind!

Thanks for listening, and as always TRAIN HARD!


Click the play button below to listen to 10 Bodybuilding Fundamentals to Accelerate Your Results!

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6 thoughts on “10 Bodybuilding Fundamentals to Accelerate Your Results!”

  1. LOL I’m glad you got the joke. On a serious note for the green tea does it matter if it is caffeinated or decaffeinated? Which one would be more effective?

    • I would think the caffeinated one would be more effective because green tea naturally contains caffeine, the caffeine free would be altered and not as effective I wouldn’t think. I’m not a green tea scientist but my gut is telling me to use the caffeinated one. Thanks for following! -JD

  2. Hi John,
    I am a natural trainee. can i apply the training and dietetics from the book “no-bs bodybuilding” ?
    waiting for the response.


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