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Straight from the Underground contains everything I know about steroids.

No marketing crap. No lies from a guy pushing you bunk shit.

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Straight from the Underground is The Ultimate Guide to Using Steroids Safely and Effectively for a Bad-Ass Body.

I am not a doctor nor am I a scientist.b

I am a muscular guy who has gotten a lot of attention and recognition for my physique.

There are thousands of articles and studies out there that talk about the same things that I talk about. The difference is I’ve done them and I can relay my actual experiences rather than armchair theory.

I don’t claim to know everything, but I can help you build one hell of a body!

If you want to stop spinning your wheels, increase muscle size, get shredded and finally have people pay attention to you and say, “Who's that big motherf*****?” then you're in the right place!

But one thing to remember:

If you think steroids are going to create your physique, give you an amazing body, or carve out the best body of your life on their own; you are dead wrong, my friend.

If you have that kind of attitude, John Doe Bodybuilding is not for you.

Steroids and peptides do work, but the way I see it they add about 5-8% onto your physique. No more.

Everything else needs to be in place. That means your diet needs to be dialed in, your workouts need to be strong, and your recovery needs to be effective.

You must be consistent, work hard, and don't rely on gimmicks.

OK, now that we're on the same page.

Steroids do work. They've helped me build an enviable physique.

And nowadays, I just use a couple compounds (at very LOW doses) for great results.

But I went through a lot of dumb ass experimentation to get to this point.

There's some common questions I get from newbies that get so worried…

  • Guys who are too scared of injecting because the needles put them off.
  • Guys who are terrified that one cycle will put your natural testosterone levels in the gutter.
  • Guys who think that they'll keep 20 lbs of muscle off their first cycle.
  • Guys who believe that they'll be able to pin themselves their whole life without taking proper precautions.

I'm tired of the lies and I offer you the truth.

In 15 years of experience using anabolics, I've learned almost everything there is to know. And after sharing bits and pieces on John Doe Bodybuilding, it's finally time to give you the gritty details.

I'm going to share exactly the recipes and deep gear know-how I use to get a killer physique year-round.

  • You'll see how to get the best results with the minimal gear.
  • You'll learn how to cut through all the marketing bullshit about “stretching your muscle belly” and “permanent increases in size.”
  • You'll discover what's really worth your money to get in the best shape of your life.
  • You'll find out how to stay safe when pushing your limits.

Exact Doses, and Exact Days to Bulk, Cut, and Recomp

If it's a question you've asked, it's in there.

Back when I was learning this stuff, there weren't any reliable resources. I had to hunt down guys in the gym who did know what they're doing.

And even then, I got lied to, cheated, and sold crap that did nothing too many times to count.

(I've even used products that put knots in my muscles, gave me flu symptoms, and left me doubled-over in pain on the floor.)

This is the book I wanted to read when I was getting the hang of things.

I cover all the basics and get you set on the path to develop a body worthy of envy. I'll tell you the exact doses and exact days you'll want to use no matter what your bodybuilding goal.

Whether you're putting on mass, carving the diamond out, or doing a body recomp, I've got you covered.

Everything A Beginner Needs To Get Going From Day One

I want you to be able to use this guide from the moment you buy it.

So while I can't give you sources (sorry), I will tell you exactly how to go about administering hormones safely and correctly. But I'm not going to coddle you or make anything harder it is.

The Underground Steroid Guide has the basic stuff laid out for you.

  • How to pin (so you're safe and sterile).
  • The best places to inject (without feeling like a pincushion).
  • What happens if you hit a vein.
  • How to know if you're getting good s***!

Everything a newbie needs to know to use good product safely is written down in an easy-to-understand way.

But we'll also get into more advanced stuff.

Everything an Advanced Bodybuilder Needs to Appear on Stage

I've spent some time on bodybuilding stages and finished well, (though I've been robbed a few victories), so I know what it's like to devote all your energy towards your goal.

If feels f****** awesome!

For guys who really want to take bodybuilding to the edge, you'll learn how to run high-dose cycles that will give you a fighting chance at the winner's circle.

I go in-depth on how to safely (and affordably) use HGH, insulin, and fat-burners to get a truly next-level physique.

You'll also learn what you must avoid.

In the pursuit of human performance there's a lot of hyped-up stuff I've tried, and I will kick you the straight deal.

I Share 30+ Cycle Templates That I Have Actually Used

Everything in this book is from experience, not theory… I've done a lot!

Each of these templates comes with full suggested dosages, recommended anti-estrogenics, and where appropriate, PCT. I often also list reasonable substitutions if you can't get your hands on something.

You'll get the real details for each drug in these cycles. What they'll do, what form is best, as well as the side-effects and my personal favorites for each of the hormones here.

3 Beginner Cycles – For Just Getting Started

  • Test only – (The Most Popular Article On My Blog)
  • Dbol Only
  • Trenbolone / Test Prop

8 Intermediate Cycles – To Put On Some Serious Size

  • EQ / Testosterone kicker
  • Test / Testosterone suspensions
  • Deca Durabolin / Dbol / Test cycle
  • Dbol / Trenbolone / Testosterone – (The Super Mass Builder!)
  • Anavar / Winstrol – (The Spring Break “Pussy Slayer” Cycle)
  • Primobolan / Anavar / Deca / Test
  • Sustanon / Trenbolone / Anadrol – (My Go-To Mass Stack)
  • Winstrol / Deca / Test

7 Cutting Cycles – To Carve Out The Diamond

  • Winstrol / Deca / Test
  • Masteron
  • Prop / Trenbolone / Winstrol – (My Favorite Competition Stack!)
  • Masteron / Testosterone Propionate
  • Masteron / Testosterone Propionate / Anavar
  • Masteron / Testosterone Propionate / Winstrol
  • Trenbolone / Testosterone Propionate / Halotestin / Anavar

7 Advanced Building Cycles – For Guys Who Want To Appear On Stage

  • Sustanon / EQ / HGH / insulin
  • Testosterone Enanthate / Tren / IGF-1 / Anadrol
  • 20-week Primobolan run
  • HGH / Lantus / Nolvalog / Test / Tren / T-3
  • CJC-1293(or 1295 w/out DAC) GHRP-2, Testosterone / Trenbolone
  • HGH/IGF-1 / Nolvalog / Testosterone / NPP
  • HGH / Anadrol / Testosterone / Trenbolone / Nolvalog

You'll Learn How To Stay Safe On The Low Doses I Recommend

You know you need to be smart any time you're sticking a needle in your body, but it's easy to get carried away.

I get my blood levels checked religiously and my last blood draw showed ABSOLUTELY NOTHING out of range except my A1C, because I have diabetic issues.

Issues such as out of whack cholesterol, liver values, elevated red blood cell count, and other tell-tale signs of steroid abuse are just not there.

I want to live a healthy life first, and have a bad-ass body second!

You can be smart about steroid use, and I'll show you how to do it.

I've never had gynecomastia problems, but if you're gyno prone, I'll take you through your options to stop growth.

You'll also get step-by-step recommended PCT, so that as you advance you know what your body needs.

Bodybuilding Contest Preparation

(Your Ph.D. In Physique!)

For advanced guys only who've done their time and have a few cycles under their belt I've devoted large sections of the guide to using HGH, IGF-1, and peptides.

We'll talk about:

  • Why you might want to use peptides instead of HGH (and the ones I'd recommend).
  • What peptides you must avoid (these have gotten some hot press in recent years).
  • How to pick between the GHRP's (do you want greater appetite or strength?)
  • Is quality HGH worth it?

3 HGH Cycles

  • HGH / Testosterone / insulin / Arimadex
  • HGH / Testosterone / Deca / insulin / Arimadex
  • HGH / Trenbolone / Test / Winstrol / Masteron / Arimadex


You'll see all the peptides I have used, and which ones I prefer:

  • CJC-1295
  • CJC-1293
  • GHRP’s
  • Ipamorelin
  • IGF-1 LR3
  • MGF
  • PGCL


I also devote an extended section to the use of thermogenics to burn down to single-digit body fat and put you in contest condition.

  • Clenbuterol
  • Ephedrine
  • ACE stack
  • T-3 (Cytomel)

Your Anabolic Machine Gun (Insulin 101)​

I know some of you have been dying to know about insulin.

I've been on insulin for awhile now (I'm a type 1.5 diabetic) and so I know how to use it safely. But you've got to be smart! I don't want you taking a dirt nap!

That said, you're going to make up your own mind, and I just want you doing things right. Inside the guide you'll find:

  • The 2 biggest ways to f*** up when taking insulin.
  • How to get insulin without a prescription.
  • How to eat on insulin.
  • My experiences with the “grenade launchers” of insulin – Lantus / Levemir, Humulin-R, Nolvalog, and Humalog

Exact Doses, and Exact Days to Bulk, Cut, and Recomp

I've been using hormones for a long time now and my nuts are pretty shot. I'm now on replacement testosterone.

But you know what?

I feel like f****** Superman on a day to day basis!

I get a lot of guys who come to me and tell me, “I don’t want to have to take this stuff forever.” Well, what the hell kind of sense does that make?

You’d prefer to feel like shit forever?

Testosterone replacement therapy is a real way to get your old self back and feel like a 20-year-old again.

You'll learn:

  • How to know if you're ready for HRT.
  • My favorite HRT dosing schedule to feel great EVERY DAY.
  • The 3 things I make sure to do to handle any potential risks for long-term hormone replacement.
  • What blood values you need to pay attention to.

I also show you some low dose maintenance cycles (that you can throw on top of your weekly HRT dose) for older guys who want only quality with no sides.

6 Low-Dose HRT Complement Cycles

  • 20-week Primobolan / Testosterone / Cialis cruise
  • 20-week Deca / Testosterone / Cialis cruise
  • 20-week EQ / Testosterone / Cialis cruise
  • 20-week Masteron / Testosterone / Cialis cruise
  • 12-week Anavar cruise
  • 12-week Proviron cruise

Straight from the Underground Gives You The Power To Fit Steroids Into Your Life (Not The Other Way Around!)

I've always been a guy who wanted the highest level of human performance.

But I'm getting older too. And you know what's most important to me now?


We get one shot at life and it goes by pretty fast!

I want to live a long life, throw a football with my son, and enjoy a beer by the beach. I like to go hiking in the woods, go for jogs, and enjoy massages.

And I'm not going to sacrifice that for an extra inch on my biceps!

I used to walk around 40 lbs heavier than I do now, but I've found that my body “wants” to stay at around 210-220 lbs at 8-9% body fat most of the time.

I don't eat more than about 3,000 calories per day.

And I get my blood tested regularly (with great results).

I believe bodybuilding and steroids can fit into your life, but you shouldn't design your life around them. They can be used safely, and with great results, but you have to know what you're doing, and learn from someone you trust.

You've got a few options.

You're welcome to go it alone and see what happens. I did that, made a few mistakes along the way, but ended up ok.

You can ask around at the gym and see what truth you can get. Maybe, if you're lucky, somebody will take you under their wing and tell you what's up. More likely they'll try to push you some fake stuff they bought on accident.

You can read thousands of pages of forum posts and try to piece together something looking like a cycle, but might have you end up looking like Frankenstein.

Or you can pick up Straight from the Underground today and have a resource you can turn to through the next 10 years of your gym life.

Working out can be instinctive, but using steroid is not.

Look, I'm NOT going to tell you where to find illegal drugs.

But I will give you my tried and true advice and bodybuilding recipes that will put you in the best shape of your life.

P.S. This book contains everything I know about steroids.

Not marketing crap. Not lies from a guy pushing you bunk shit.

If I tell you it's good, it's good.

If I tell you it's bad… stay far far away!

Over and out!


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