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I offer online personal consulting including a 1-hour initial consultation call and unlimited messenger access for 30 days for follow up questions.

*Note – This NOT the same as my personal training packages. If you need personal diet or training plans please check out my training packages here.

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HAVE Questions?


If you need answers to questions on training, dieting, lab work, performance enhancement, or anything else bodybuilding related sign up for a consult today!

Consults include up to 1 hour initial messenger app phone call followed by 30 days of messenger access (Telegram app) directly to JD!

Save yourself time and headache and get answers to questions that would otherwise take you years to figure out!

Accelerate your gains!

Honest answers your Doctor may not know how to explain!

Take advantage of having someone knowledgeable in your corner to help you get faster results in the gym!


*This is not a recurring subscription. Service ends after 30 days.

After purchase you'll be directed to a brief form to schedule your initial consultation call.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between "consulting" and the John Doe Bodybuilding Coaching/Training Pacakges?

Training packages are considerably more goal oriented. Training packages contain custom tailored diet plans and workout routines. The consulting package does NOT include custom diet or training plans. The training plans do not offer unrestricted messaging during their duration but offer some level of consultation in regular calls. In short, if you need someone to map out your routine then a training package is what you need. If you are already working through your own program and diet and have frequent questions pertaining to diet and bodybuilding then a Consultation package is what you need.

Now that you are charging for consulting does this mean you won't be answering as many comments and contact emails?

I've always tried to answer questions from readers when time allows it and will always continue to do so. This is not a readers will be getting less situation. This package was created specifically because many people have been requesting it. People that have several questions or want more ongoing on demand support from me will benefit more from this. For readers that just have the occasional question where a fast response isn't necessary then just continue using the traditional website contact methods. 

Is Telegram the only app you use for messaging?

I prefer Telegram for the initial voice call and 30 days of messaging. The app is free and supported across iOS, Android as well as Windows, Mac and Linux desktops. If there is some reason you can't use Telegram let me know and I will see if there is another way to offer contact.

When does the 30 days of consulting start?

Much in the same way as my Training Packages, the countdown does NOT start when you click the buy button and check out. The package starts from the day the 1st consultation call occurs. If you buy today and can't schedule your call right away then don't worry, you aren't losing days off of your package.


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