“Wild Thing” Pre-Workout Supplement!!! (review)

So I was recently sent a pre-workout supplement to try out and give my honest review on.

Wild Thing” by Assault labs is definitely a good pre-workout supplement that is put together in a more complete manner than a lot of other pre-workouts.

I think the biggest issue with a lot of pre-workout formulas is that most research has yet to find the best ratio/synergism of each individual ingredient to make the supplement as effective as it could be.

Thus the feelings of feeling awake and alive for an hour, but then feeling like total shit afterwards, or feeling like you want to vomit.

Most of these supplements won't even give you the individual breakdown of the ingredients, it's so bad they cannot even tell you the amount of caffeine the product contains.

It's all part of the “total proprietary blend” which I think is absolute bullshit.

You could be drinking the equivalent of 4 cups of coffee, and have no idea, or maybe you aren't even a coffee drinker to begin with!!

Sure, it all seems great at first, but the issue is we never want to believe that the money we spent was a bad choice. There has never been a pre-workout this complete….UNTIL NOW!!

Wild Thing” contains just the right amount/combination of amino acids to prove to be much more effective than any other pre-workout I've ever taken, and I do not bullshit my readers!!

Every ingredient is broken down and it's packed with just the right amounts of each ingredient to be extremely effective for improved workouts and overall health.

The product contains 40mg of Niacin which is shown to be an effective cholesterol reducer and reduce chances of a cardiovascular event (AKA heart attack). Niacin also improves blood flow and brings out vascularity which is why bodybuilders often take it backstage before a competition.

The caffeine amount is 300mg which is the equivalent of a strong cup of coffee, but certainly not overkill like other products can be.

Wild Thing also includes Agmatine which is shown to provide a stronger insulin response in the body, act as a natural pain-killer, improve blood pressure, and lower cortisol levels.

Agmatine is like the new and improved L-Arginine, which is also shown to provide performance enhancing effects in the bedroom as well as increased blood flow to….well you know!!

One of the other key ingredients in Wild Thing is L-Tyrosine, which has been shown to improve protein synthesis and release more dopamine in the brain (you know that “feel good” chemical you get when you work out or a “runner's high”).

This product is pretty damn complete if you ask me. It comes equipped with a small amount of creatine and L-glutamine as well. I have found that I feel pretty good using this and I do not get a crash after my workouts.


One of the key issues with training hard and getting results is nutrient timing.

Diet plays 90% of the results in any training regimen and I don't care what powders you take or how many pills you pop.

One of the key issues with dieting at any given point of my workout regimen throughout the year is nutrient timing. Something that I've found that is highly beneficial to me is timing my carbohydrate intake around the workout time.

What I'm speaking of here is finding a way to improve strength and definition without necessarily always adding in “more and more.”

I find it extremely beneficial to place the bulk of my carbohydrate intake pre-workout and post-workout.

With that being said, I don't believe our bodies are set up to operate on a day-to-day basis. What I mean by that is this: your body doesn't get ready to go to sleep and say to itself, “Well, that's it for today, he did everything right!!”

The body operates on a continuum throughout the days, weeks, months, and years!!

Therefore, while adding in the bulk of daily carbohydrate intake pre-workout and post-workout can certainly help, over a long period of time we can still get run down.

Don't forget that calories in vs. calories out plays the biggest role in physique transformation.

This is where I feel pre-workout supplements work their best. It's a good boost to bust through a workout while otherwise you would feel more fatigued from the day-to-day stress of LIMITING certain nutrients or changing macros in order to achieve a harder and more well defined physique.

This is where I truly place the emphasis on pre-workout energy.

It has taken me a long time to figure this out, but I have found a way to continue to make strength gains and refine my body without necessarily just packing in more and more food to the point that I gain any major significant increase in body fat levels.

I try to stay conditioned year round.

This form of dieting would certainly be a good route to go for either

A. an older gym veteran who has gained mostly everything he will gain in terms of “new mass” or
B. someone who is not strong but not lean either.

Whichever is your case….train hard and bust ass!!



15 thoughts on ““Wild Thing” Pre-Workout Supplement!!! (review)”

  1. Great review! Tried this stuff a couple weeks ago(I got sent a sample packet)and it was great,I felt amazing and like you said I didn’t have that crash or sick feeling after my workout.Which was great for me as a lot of pre-workouts make me feel like a have the flu after use

  2. Hey JD. I’d like to hear your thoughts on how this compares to Myogenix’s Rage. Also, these product review articles will seem less like an affiliate money grab if you acknowledge previous products you have already endorsed, especially since this and Rage fill the same niche. I’d hate to see you compromise the value of your endorsement by getting affiliate-happy.

  3. I usually take BCAAs before/during a work out, especially in the morning if I’m lifting on an empty stomach. I usually go with AminoX by BSN or some other brand. Could this replace those BCAAs, or would you recommend taking both? Honestly, the BCAAs are more of an intra-workout drink than a pre-workout. What do you think?

    BTW, I loved Becoming the Bull. Keep the content coming!

  4. JDB

    Took your advise and ordered Wild Thing, you have never lead me down a wrong path but this one has a fork in the road. Product showed up all clumpy?? not sure why, with only 1/2 a scoop my ears start burning, skin becomes all flushed, spotted, and I feel like I am going come out of my skin, and not in a good way, not sure about the energy as I am having all these other issues, what’s in it that could cause all this.

    • This is a very rare case here. I apologize, it does give users a slight tingle in their lips, but nothing like you’re describing. I apologize man, but like I said, this is the first complaint I’ve had and sounds very rare

      • If you got the product from Strong supps then just explain to them what you’ve told me, and mention that you were recommended the webite from john Doe and they should help you out or replace with something else.

        • Thanks for the response, I appreciate and value your advise. I did purchase it from Strong supp but have not yet heard back from them regarding a return. Hopefully soon.


  5. You are correct Strong supp did offer to charge me for a replacement and that the container of clumpy wild thing that I have is Non returnable Non refundable.

    Please keep this in mind when considering your next purchase for Strong supplements.

    • Hey JH,

      I was just looking over the customer service conversation. I think there may have been some miscommunication.

      We are happy to replace your wild thing or if you want we can set you up with any other pre workout at 50% off and you can still keep the wild thing.

      Happy to still honor this for you any day. Just make sure your email says “attention Dave” and I will take care of it.

      All the best!

  6. JDB,

    The people at Strong Supplements do stand behind what they sell, Dave went out of his way to ship me another container of Wild thing, which he didn’t need to do. I hope I have better succes with this one.
    Regardless it’s difficult to find an on line supplement store that is willing to go the lengths that they have for me. Customer for life.



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