TREN and Bodybuilding

Trenbolone (or “TREN”) is the most popular anabolic steroid going nowadays.

Next to testosterone, tren is the most talked about steroid that there is!

Why is that?

What is it about tren and bodybuilding that makes it so popular?

To hear my personal opinion on using trenbolone for bodybuilding listen to my recent podcast!

For anyone wanting to know more about the use of anabolic steroids and my personal experiences with them, be sure to check out Straight From the Underground.

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19 thoughts on “TREN and Bodybuilding”

  1. I’m 45 and considering using tren again for contest prep, but I’m very hesitant due to how quick-fused I get on it. I already get pissy on low carbs and adding tren may send me over the edge. I’m not sure it’s worth it so I may just run test prop, primo, and anavar or winstrol.

  2. HI John I am 43 I train twice a day 6 days a week 40minutes a session. Every time I try using anabolics or sarms my cholesterol goes thru the roof and blood pressure. I do ten minutes of cardio a day eat well oats , chicken , fish e.g. , fruits, nuts . I am frustrated as I want to finish a cycle but my sex drive drops off even on primobolan and my doc carries on about my cholesterol and blood pressure just when I start looking good?? Any ideas would be appreciated I aspire to that mean vascular look I don’t care about being huge . Thanks Adrian

    • Many factors here; how far into cycle is cholesterol high, and how high is high? Whats the total cholesterol level? Also, the ratio of good to bad is even a more noteworthy risk factor rather than just the overall count, but I’mcurious to know how high is really high. If you’re 190 you may be high, is it gonna kill you? Nah….If your 400 then yea, you may have a heart attack soon. Some docs freak out when liver values are 20 points high, even though it doesn’t necessarily mean anything at all.

  3. Hey John. I am 46 250lbs. I have a nice amount of muscle from lifting for years. But yes I am also over weight. Not obese or anything. Prob 24 26 % body fat. I already have tren. Test prop, and win. If I,use the tren at 300 a week will it help shed a good amount of fat.

    • It can help with a good diet that has some caloric restriction, but if myself I would get as lean,as possible without being on anything , THEN GET ON CYCLE. If you can’t prove to urself that u can get lean on diet, cardio, and hard training alone, steroids arent going to do anything for you and this is when dangers outweigh positives -JD

  4. I’m 43, I pushed my last Tren ace run 14 weeks at 100mgs eod, knocked the living shit out of me. I looked pretty good, maybe my best look ever. I have more still but just don’t know if I can put myself through that again. Been off for about about 5 weeks and just starting to feel normal again. I know what your talking about most definitely, you described everything to a tee! Good little pod cast there, would be looking forward to more of these. A while back I found you in you tube and I liked your channel, do you have a channel still with new content.
    Thanks, take care

  5. Hey John you might have answered this somewhere but I read your articles and listen to your your podcast everytime they come out. When you are dieting like I am, what is the highest you would keep your test to look the most lean? I bought the shredded tops program and loving the intense sessions I can actually get through them in about 45 min which is what I like and feel super pumped and good when I leave the gym. If there is somewhere I can post a picture to show results ide like too thanks brother!

    • Hey, you can email them to contact form address ([email protected])
      I love seeing results photos!
      Bro, honestly I’m a low test guy. I almost never go above 200mg/wk of my script dosed test. I feel my best right at 200/wk. Now, I do use other things in higher amounts, such as equipoise, deca (deca like 300-400/wk normally) primobolan, anavar tabs. Thanx for reading/listening

  6. Hey JD! Great podcast, was the first one I’ve ever listened to, will definitely be listening to more of yours in future!

    Two queries I have with Tren Ace. I’m an office based worker, train 4-5 times weeks with weights similar to your Fully body routine, and cardio 2 – 3 times HIIT style for 20 minutes max. I started taking 37.5mg of both Tren Ace and Test P last Monday, every day. I’ll be doing this for 8 weeks for cutting. Also thrown in some Anavar at 100mg. How quickly does the Tren A take to kick in normally? Haven’t noticed anything yet really, none of the noted side effects. Maybe I’m a non-responder? Not too keen about the thought of going higher yet, its my first run and knowing my luck if I do 50mg ED i’ll get the nastiest of sides haha.

    Before I ran this cycle, I’m on a 150mg TRT dose of Test Enth. When my current cycle comes to an end, when should I introduce my TRT dose again?

    Thank you for your assistance and keep up the great work! Take care!


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