“More Time to Kill”

I shed no tears anymore, I cry inside,

On the outside I stand a machine, muscled and vein tied,

In the light I remain the dark, in the dark I am the cold,

Fighting a war that is constant, with this iron I hold,

It's not a battle of strength, it's a battle of will,

Too little time, for more time to kill.”

-John Doe


17 thoughts on ““More Time to Kill””

  1. Hey John, I have 2 questions:

    1. I have a question about training my hamstrings: I don’t have access to a leg crl machine, so I am forced to train them with stiff legged deadlifts. My problem is that they hurt my lower back, and don’t allow to train my hamstrings very well. What should I do? Is there an alternative exercise for stiff legged deads? Also, are stiff legged deadlifts a high risk exercise that are easy to injure yourself on?

    2. I am doing a two day split: day 1 chest, back, shoulders day 2 legs, arms. I try to do deadlifts on day 1(corresponded to back day) and work hamstrings on day 2 with legs, but my lower back gets really beat up. So, how do I program my workouts so that these don’t conflict?

    Thank you, I know I am asking a lot, but I didn’t know who else to ask, and I trust your advice.

    • Yes, lunges and step ups are good for your hams. Your program may be too much, I couldn’t train hams myself the day after all that, not with stiff leg anyways. I’d revamp the routine and do upper body day 1, lower body day 2, day off, repeat

      • Thanks a lot John. I have 2 more quick questions: should I do lunges and step ups with a bar or dumbells?

        Also, I am really ever actually sore after a workout, even a leg workout, I also have trouble getting a pump, so what am I doing wrong?

        If you have a little time, could you please answer these questions quickly.
        Thanks again!

        • I’ve always done step ups withdumbbells at my sides. Yes its looked at like a chick exercise but it ggets results. As for lunges, either one is fine. Most of the time I just use my bodyweight.

          As for getting a pump, you may not be consuming enough carbs. When carbs are too low you won’t get a pump. Second thing I’d look at is rest and recovery, and last is the workout itself. Try some pretty exhaustion techniques before your heavier pressing sets. On leg day start with a single set of bodyweight squats for 100 reps, it’ll swell your legs up big time. You could also try a few sets of leg extensions before presses. But give that set of bodyweight squats a go first

          • Hey John, what are you thoughts on doing low repetitions for a 15 year old? I have recently bought Body of a Spartan (Victor Pride at Bold and Determined’s ebook) and it constitutes of very low repetitions. Thanks, I would really appreciate your opinion!

          • I think it’s ok if you already have some sort of natural strength through basics like pushups, pull-ups, dips, situps.

  2. John, your site is awesome and really informative and motivating. I emailed you multiple times through this site and have yet to get a response. Is the email feature here working? Please let me know. I want to work together and can’t seem to reach you.

    • I responded to you, my apologies as I’ve been out of town recently and no internet service where I was (mountains)

  3. Really amazing. reminds me of Socrates’ quote – “”No man has the right to be an amateur in the matter of physical training. It is a shame for a man to grow old without seeing the beauty and strength of which his body is capable ”

    Hope to read your book already, I love the angle you found to differ it from any other training manual.

  4. John i am typical skinnyfat guy

    What workout program should i do? also should i bulk or cut or stay at my current weight and reop?

    • Right now you should focus on building muscle and not worry about cutting. A more muscular body will burn fat at a faster resting rate anyways. If you’re calling yourself skinny now, then you definitely dont want to see what you look like on a cutting diet. You need to put on some beef first, then worry about cutting. I’d recommend buying “Becoming the Bull” when it releases soon, it’ll take you there very fast

  5. Evening Sir. I know this post came out a few years back and you’re busy, but I wanted to let you know how much your writing has helped me. Being in the military, Ive been around and have had to do all of the hard shit a young man has to endure, namely a recent trying and painful breakup. Over the past few days of feeling sorry for myself, all while still training of course, I revisited several of my favorite articles from your blog and was reminded to quit being a pussy and sack up. You talk alot about being a loner, and I can definitely relate, but the truth is you’re viewed as a demigod to alot of us young guys just trying to make our way in the world. Obviously your bodybuilding, health and general fitness advice is leagues ahead of everyone else’s, particularly the garbage peddled in todays modern “fitness” magazines, but your other writing, especially this poem, fucking rocks as well. Id love to see more of it, its inspirational and speaks directly to the masculine young guys in the trenches aspiring to be like you someday. Thank you Sir. God bless.

  6. What’s is the best steroid cycle for beginners for lean bulking Suggest me the best sir & I want to know which one is best sustanon 250 or any testosterone with single ester ? I’m confused sir please lemme which one is best with least side effects?

    • I would suggest purchasing my underground steroid ebook ,”Straight from the Underground” and reading it, it’ll give you much information


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