The value of SILENCE for productivity and mental clarity

I think there is something to be said for the value of silence and mental clarity.

Everyplace we go now there is so much noise.

This noise can often serve as nothing more than a distraction that can derail us from our goals.

Silence can be looked at the same way a workout deload (week where you train lighter or take the week off training) can be looked at. It's a time when you can become refreshed mentally and gain new motivation for life.

The noise in life can old, words can be spoken that aren't necessary and are just noise.

I have found great value in silence during times when I need a mental break or during times when I'm trying to create great ideas and plans for life.

Silence can accelerate progress in other areas of life.

Not everything is just about the gym.

It's important to be mentally healthy as well.

Enjoy the podcast and enjoy the silence! -JD


2 thoughts on “The value of SILENCE for productivity and mental clarity”

  1. That comment about the trains really spoke to me. I was born in Chicago, Il. and we have a lot of trains there and well nightlife noise. But I remember vividly my father walking me out at night to see and hear the trains pass by, I absolutely love them, and what seemed like an insignificant activity to my father I suppose, it had a deep impact on me.

    In fact I now live in California and I took my daughter to the house I was born and raised in and showed her the trains as well, and how quiet the night can be.

    Awesome relaxed podcast. Thx JD!!


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