Distractions in Bodybuilding, and Tabata Workouts and Cardio for Results!

People spend too much time fucking off with things involving bodybuilding.

It's not just people being slack in gyms anymore;

It's driving, grocery shopping, cooking, checking instagram and facebook; people are just flat out wasting a bunch of time and then bitching that they don't have any time to get in shape!

Stop being weak and start being militant about your muscles and your available time! Be disciplined about it because muscles & fat-loss don't come easy for most people!

I speak about experimenting with Tabata style workouts and cardio in this podcast. I feel like so far Tabata is pretty beneficial for me and I'm enjoying the challenges it's brought me.



7 thoughts on “Distractions in Bodybuilding, and Tabata Workouts and Cardio for Results!”

  1. I tried to use my phone for workouts and I couldn’t do it as it was too distracting. I use an Apple Watch and paired it with the app Gymaholic. You can set your exercises and rest intervals for sets, supersets, and exercises. You can even do supersets, tri-sets etc. I do my sets and tap, the watch buzzes my wrist and tells me to get back to work. I love the watch as it monitors heart rate and guesses calorie burn so I can better guess my nutrition. I’m technology driven, but hate distractions. I would say part of the reason I look better than most at the gym is because I don’t screw around and keep to the short rest intervals. I watched some dufuss look at his phone for 10 minutes as he did several sets of “hold the bench down from floating away…in a row” People will reflect their lifestyle in the gym. They’ll waste 5 minutes finding that extra close park spot rather than getting out and walk. Or wait 2 minutes for the elevator to go to the second floor rather than walk up the damn stairs. I sit close to the stairs and elevator at my office and fit people walk up the stairs with their healthy lunch and fat people take the elevator with their burgers and fries.

    Thanks for the Tabata suggestion as I’m 12 days recovering from a hernia surgery and not lifting is driving me nuts. Going to see what I can do with 20 lbs. and Tabata style today… Cardio just isn’t doing it for me…

    • I keep technology in the gym to a minimum. I put on a playlist and go at it, and also park far away from the gym because parking is easier and everyone can use a walk once in a while. People sometimes will come up for like its social hour, and I let them know as kindly as I can that I gotta get back to it. I am not huge on cardio, but it does have its benefits for heart health and fat loss.

    • yea, I actually tried the app today after my buddy explained to me that you can just hit “start” and it’ll automatically keep going until 4 minutes is complete. MOTHERFUCKER! Try 4 minutes of leg extensions with just 10 seconds of rest between 20 seconds of constant time under tension! And that was just 1 exercise for the day. I did leg presses, lying leg curls, stiff leg deadlifts, calf raises, hip adductors, abs, and 2 blocks of cardio. ALL 4 MIN TABATA STYLE, shit was rough but a really good workout and I feel like it’s a good workout to challenge yourself while working through an injury. It keeps the motivation moving forward, you don’t feel like that injured guy in the gym just wandering around

      • Just got out of the gym. Did…Tabata style
        cable chest press 20lbs. per side
        Cable lateral raises 12.5 lbs per side
        Sitting tricep extensions 10 lbs per side
        Body squats with 10 lbs dumbbell

        I’m limited to 10 lbs (ish) for another 6 days then limited to 30 (ish) for 4 weeks.

        I’m the guy 12 days out of surgery and just blew shit up with the pump. I wanted to tell the person across from me “I can see you staring in the mirror…” Bet he was wondering why I was lifting so light and look like I do….hehe. “It’s because I don’t disappear for 5 minutes after a bench press, you dumbass…”

        Thanks JD for this timely podcast. I was seriously wondering how I was going to get a good workout with a lighter load and am still a newbie. Glad you share your vast experience and knowledge with us.

        Pull day tomorrow…Tabata style. Hated being out of the gym…

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