Super Size and Super Strength on Super Mandro!!!

I have no idea how Super Mandro is legal.

It works so well that it probably won't be legal for long.

But let me start at the beginning…

You may have read my article on Hypershock Rage and Joyful Joints.

In that article I spoke of something else that I would review once I got a little further into it – and that something else is Super Mandro.

I'm going to be 100% honest with you on this product – I'll give you the good, the bad, the ugly, and the absolute SICK on Super Mandro!!

First, I was sent Super Mandro by Strong Supplements. I received Super Mandro for free and this is my honest review.

If I think something sucks then I won’t talk about it, if I think it rocks then I’ll share it with you.

I told them I wanted something for body recomposition and Super Mandro is what they sent me.


So I started Super Mandro along with my 150mg per week testosterone dosage.

When I started using this I was 216 lbs first thing in the morning.

It's been only twenty days; I weighed 231 lbs this morning.

That's right, I AM UP 15 LBS IN 20 MOTHERFUCKING DAYS!!!

I wouldn't believe it if you told me either. But here is the thing; I didn't even change the diet.

And here is the other thing; it's all dry gains!!

People normally gain this kind of weight on Anadrol-50 or Dianabol and it's sloppy weight. Not on this shit!!

The first week I noticed a slight increase in strength and a few lbs on the scale. I didn't feel much different other than a little stronger in the gym

Now for the second week on Super Mandro; major increases in strength across the board and more mass gain.

However, I was aggressive as hell and as irritable as ever.

Seriously, I felt like I could snap at a moments notice and break someones neck.

If you are someone who is aggressive by nature then you may want to avoid this one. This is not for the weak and not for the first time supplement user.

Super Mandro is extremely potent and I honestly have no idea how it's not illegal.

What kept me on this stuff was two things;

  1. the insane rate of size and strength I was achieving
  2. knowing it was only a four week cycle.

I had days where I was literally dumping pills out and counting them to see how many days I had left so I could stop using it and keep from killing someone!!

Pissed off is an understatement on Super Mandro, but the gains are so fucking insane I had to stay on it and at least see it out.

I have 10 days left on super Mandro and I have no idea how much more I can gain in another week and a half. I've already slapped on 15 lbs of dry weight in just 20 days.

Now, if you decide to order this stuff I'm going to caution you on a couple things.

First off, it has to be run with another base as recommended. You definitely want to run it with Dermacrine or Andro the Giant.

I'm serious on that! I was running it alongside 150mg of testosterone per week and I experienced a loss of sex drive and slight lethargy.



At the very minimum you want to use the add-ons that Strong Supplement recommends, especially for your 30 days of PCT!!!

I'm being brutally honest here guys, this shit can be rough.

It has taken a little dedication to stay on this stuff and the insane gains are what is keeping me using it.

In 10 more days it's over with and honestly there is no fucking way I could tolerate it any longer, I want to tear someones head off on this shit!!

I believe this product is very similar to the old 1-AD everyone was gaining like crazy on (before it was banned).

But you know how it goes, go ahead and ban something and a new product comes out that is even more effective than the first. That is exactly what Hard Rock Supplements has done with Super Mandro!!

One of the key ingredients in Super Mandro is Bergamottin, a compound that allows more of this product to be absorbed into your system without being broken down, and the product hits you faster.

From my understanding this is a chemical found naturally in grapefruit, which is why medicine bottles advise you not to take meds with grapefruit juice, because it acts more potent. But hey, when it comes to muscle more potent isn't a bad thing right?

So there is my honest take on Super Mandro, and I still have ten days left on it.

A while back I did a review on Osta-shred and Anafuse.

I'm sure some of you would like to know the difference between the two and my personal opinion on them in comparison to Super Mandro.

Super Mandro vs Anafuse / Osta-Shred

If I was looking to strictly cut up and use something on a little more long term basis that was smooth and steady, I'd have to go with Anafuse and Osta-shred.

You'll get a good and hard look from those without the side effect of wanting to snap 24/7.

However, if you're wanting to gain mad size and strength in the quickest amount of time possible; Super Mandro wins this one.

You'll be a motherfucking beast on this shit, but it's not for the weary, trust me on that one!!

Train insane!!!

Over and out,


>> You can buy Super Mandro here.


106 thoughts on “Super Size and Super Strength on Super Mandro!!!”

  1. It’s a prohormone – designer steroid – 2 steps away from testosterone itself with some grapefruit derivative (lengthening half-life?) Sounds like maybe something your body just isn’t used to – would be curious if you do regular bloodwork to know where your estrogen was while on this.

    • I am not scheduled for bloodwork for about another 6-8 wks or so, my insurance won’t pay for it but every 12 weeks

  2. Shit dude, your forearms are monstrous. I’m training for a Spartan race this October and have noticed a lot of the obstacles require a strong grip. Needless to say, I am doing a lot more pullups, farmer walks, and using those little grip things (forgot the name) throughout the day.

    Best wishes on your last couple weeks on this stuff.

  3. Hey John

    I’m 20 years old. Birthday in March.

    Would you take prohormone even under 21?

    Do you think it is bad ideia to take prohormone like Super Mandro even if I use Andro the Giant and Dermacrine while on Super Mandro?

    Thanks for the content.

    • You’ll definitely need a post cycle therapy and time off afterwards, but it’s not like you’ll never come back or anything, especially at your age. The compound is supposedly 7x more anabolic than natural testosterone alone, so PCT is def needed and also a base such as Andro the Giant or Dermacrine. I wouldn’t even consider it without anther base in there

  4. From your description, is this basically a legal steroid that will shut down your natural test levels? And would you recommend it to someone who hasnt touched gear before?

    • yes, I’m not going to bullshit anyone, this is pretty much a legalized designer steroid that DOES REQUIRE a PCT. As a first timer it’s no different than steroids, run recommended cycle length and use PCT. I’d keep it at 30 days and no more, recovery should be quick with PCT

  5. Give it to me straight man, can steroids make me infertile? thats the one thing i’m the most concerned about, I mean you, my uncle, arnold and other bodybuilders all seem to be able to have kids, is it more a question of not over doing it and post cycling properly ?

  6. John – I feel like I’m spinning my wheels in the gym the past couple years trying to put on size. Training and nutrition are in line and I’ve even tried working with esteemed coaches. I seem to be able to get a very “fit” muscle base body but not a body BUILDER physique. I’m wondering if my age (35) and where that puts my hormones are a factor. Because of this I’m strongly considering giving some shit like this a go. You think it’s a good idea?
    I’m just a bit scared that I will fuck something up of what little hormones I have left naturally. (plus I don’t really know what you mean by “PCT” and Base … I know, I can look it up … just saying it’s intimidating to me) Thanks for your straight dope insight my man!

    • No offense; but I was 19 when I completely researched about steroids and found out about PCT and stuff like that within minutes of researching on Google. And you are 35…
      To me it sounds like you are maybe not training the right way. You should probably eat more and try static holds and 4second positives-4 second negatives. It is all on the sight here.

      • Dave, thanks for looking out – but without context it would be hard for you to judge where I’m at. Used to compete in combat sports and didn’t want to add mass so I could stay in weight class. Hung things up and went to focus on weight training years ago. I’m great with macros, crush compound lifts, train high volume and intensity, have had coaches and even used programming from here to some decent but limited results. Have not dipped into PH or steroids until this point because I wanted to push my physical limits before considering. I’m not a retarded kid looking for a shortcut. I’m a methodical adult trying to thoroughly understand options. Thanks tho!

        • I am 22 years old and probably one of the biggest guys in my gym. I will only train natural for some time now. I am even bigger now than when I was on hormones.
          I would suggest that you get Creatine, Beta Alanine and in addition get “Becoming the Bull” and try the four methods explained in the book. Even without the book you can use great advice from this site here. I learned a lot here and from the book and I am the biggest I have ever been now. As I said, you should also eat more and use very slow rep speed with average weight.

          • Dave – thanks for taking the time to write a thoughtful response. I bought Becoming The Bull at release, have taken creatine, BCAAs, fish oil and cycled on and off pre’s with BA for years now. Have used methods from the site including cycling rest pause, pyramiding, slow negatives, static holds, etc. Current coach has my weekly macros 7 months into a bulk attempt at significant surplus. I’m sure I have room to further optimize naturally. There also may be a significant difference in what your body and hormones can achieve between 19-22 years old and mine at 35+ years old. That’s why I’m posting a speculative question here. John gives straight talk no bullshit; so though I’ve always been reluctant and hesitant to broach the topic, if anywhere it’s here where I will get an honest answer. Thanks again

    • Try Super Mandro first, but just make sure you have the base supplement to go with it such as Dermacrine or andro the giant, and make sure you get the PCT!!! If you don’t go that route then go with a testosterone only cycle

  7. Hi John, I’m a first timer and I just get my Super Mandro and Post Cycle 3X, did you recomend to me get an Andro the Giant as a very first timer? Will I maintain the gains after my cycle? How can I keep the most gains possible? Thank you for the article, very informative.

    • Dude, absolutely get a base such as Andro the Giant to use with super Mandro. You want something that is going to keep natural test elevated as much as possible. I was not in a very good mood on Super Mandro and wanted to kill people on the stuff, I wouldnt fly solo with it. But yea, the gains I feel are retainable, its all dry gains

      • Thank you so much John, my Andro the Giant bottle is on the way in order to complete my first cycle stack! Thank you again for share your experiences and knowledge, is very helpful, I just have one last question to be ready to go: do you recomend to perform super sets, giants sets, pyramid sets or just hard kickass single old school sets?

        • I recommend to train as your body tells you and listen to it. I have found the best way to train FOR ME is to normally train in a manner where I am not dead tired each workout, I walk out and feel like if I had to do it all over again in an hour I could

  8. A last question about dosage: I’m a small guy, my weight is 136 lbs and my height is 5 ft and 6 in, must I take the regular dosage of Super Mandro and Andro the Giant daily? or a lesser one? Must I take the same dosage during my rest days?

  9. John I’m very much impressed by the gains you discussed in this article. I had received my bottle of super mandro. What I’m planning to do with it is to include it in my first cycle in place of dianabol. My cycle is inspired from the cycle #2 mentioned in this article of yours Also I’ve kept my SERM PCT ready to be used after my 8 week cycle, I also have adex to keep check on the estrogen levels
    I want to use super mandro instead of dbol because I’m very much prone to male pattern hairloss and dbol is notorious for destroying the hairs. Do you think it to be a move in right direction? I would really appreciate your input and comment.
    Thank You

    • Honestly speaking, never used either one. I do have a client though who is on TRT and added Dermacrine to it and his test levels shot up 300ng/dl more

  10. Can this stuff be combined with SARMs such as Ostarine or LGD to get even more gains? Not that it’s necessary, I’m just interested if that would make any sense, or if it would be dangerous for whatever reason.

    • I don’t think it’s necessary myself, just take the Super Mandro and a base such as Andro the giant or Dermacrine. I would experiment with those SARMS afterwards

      • Thanks for the answer. Had good results with LGD+Osta (+8kg in 6 weeks), so I’m considering trying out other stuff to compare it. Will a source like Dermacrine shut me down, or just supress T levels? (The description on the website was a bit unclear). Also, I seem to be very prone to gyno – I suppose that’s an issue with a stack like dermacrine+mandro and I should get some good AI beforehand, right?

        • To be more clear:

          Let’s say I’d go for:

          1 week Dermacrine only
          followed by 4 weeks of Dermacrine+Mandro

          To prevent estrogen related sideeffects I’d take 10mg aromasyn every 2nd day, and for PCT I’d go for
          Toremifene 50mg (Better than Nolva, doesn’t affect IGF and gives quicker recovery, great against puffy nips)
          Clomid 25mg (Can’t take more Clomid, makes me depressed as hell.)

          My question is: How many weeks after the last dose of mandro and derma should I start PCT? 2 weeks after just like with Test? And for how long? 3 weeks?

          Sorry for the maybe stupid questions, but I’m rather new to the stuff and there so much different information out there it’s confusing.

  11. Hey! I’ve just ordered my shipment. It came with 3 bottles. The post cycle is one of them. I’m 6’4 245 lbs right now. I’ve just started protein about a week ago and my gym session are insane. Should I continue protein once the “secret weapon” arrives?

  12. I’m 6’4 206 pounds and I’ve never taken anything other than protein and sometimes creatine. I’m hesitant on this because I feel it might be a steroid and I absolutely don’t want nothing to do with steroids. So for someone like me who doesn’t want anything to do with steroids is this a safe alternative or should I just stick with the protein. I used to weigh 175 but I’m trying you get up to about 225-230 if not this what else would you recommend? Really appreciate you taking time to get back to me

  13. Hello I have a question i keep it simple im 5’7 120 lbs i wanna go to 145-150 Do i need both andro the giant and super mandro ? or just 1 it dont have to be muscle i just hate the skinny ectomorph frame i like to be at least a 38 chest and 30 waist right now I’m a 34 chest and 28 waist also how long should it take and how many week’s i need to be on the stuff to get 25-30 lbs thank u in advance i love the webpage.

    • I would definitely not use Super Mandro by itself, you’ll want to kill someone on that stuff. Definitely run Andro the giant with it and I wouldn’t use Super Mandro longer than 4 weeks. I wanted to kill people after 4 weeks, the stuff made me pissed off and aggressive as hell. But good for the weights, I was throwing shit up like it was nothing!!

  14. Hello. I am about to start a Super Mandro / Andro the Giant cycle and I was wondering what is your recommended dosage…Thank you.

  15. so im already taking osta shred for more then four weeks and I added super mandro and for my base im using 4andro. should I cycle through for 8 weeks or 30 day cycle.

    • You can run the osta/Andro out for 8 wks, I definitely WOULD NOT do that with the Mandro. Drop the Mandro at 4 wks and continue on

  16. John – would you consider running Super Mandro, Andro the Giant, and Androvar together and for longer than 4 weeks (maybe 6)? Just ordered.

    PCT consists of Post Cycle 3X, DAA, and Rebirth. I’ll have Eradicate on hand if needed / post. Also have ams cycle support.

    • yea, I mean you’re going to be shut down regardless so going 6 wks isn’t a big deal, if you can make it that long on Mandro. That shit made me big and strong but I was irritable on it

  17. Since super mandro is non methylated and does not convert into estrogen, by stacking it with andro the giant will i be a risk to aggravating my small pre existing gyno? and if so what would you recommend to protect myself from aggravating my gyno further?

    • I would stack it with Osta-shred since the Osta contains 50mg of arimistane per serving, and that will help keep estrogen at bay, unless of course you can get your hands on arimadex or aromasyn. Arimadex at 1/2mg per day, or aromasyn at 10mg/day, if this isn’t an option then stack it with Osta-shred

  18. Awesome review. I am seriously considering this stack, but I have a couple of questions first though. You highly recommend a PCT, but if I am already on Arimidex due to TRT, then why would I need PCT? My doc has me on 220mg/wk of test and she has coupled it with 1mg/wk Arimidex. I have (in the past) cruised while on TRT and never worried about PCT due to my anti-estrogen regimen. Wouldn’t this stack be similar to doing a small cycle in line with TRT treatment? In that case, my Arimidex should be all the PCT needed for after a cycle of Super Mandro, correct?

  19. So, I have tried SUPER MANDRO and DERMACRINE along with tons of food and a Full-Body-Workout 4 times a week, 8-10h of sleep a day. Started using DERMACRINE a week before Super Mandro, and continued a week after Mandro was done.

    As supplements I used Joyfull Joints, AR1MACARE and NAC Liver Sustain. I didn’t experience any negative sideffects, except for a way faster digestion during the 4 weeks of mandro.

    I went from 82kg to 91kg!! Strength increased a LOT.

    Not all dry, but still it looks and feels amazing, so thanks for this great advice JD! Gained about 1kg of fat though, but that will be easy to get rid of.

    You wrote that Mandro mad you angry as hell – my mood didn’t change at all, if anything I was way more confident than ever.

    As PCT I’ll use
    Torem 90/60/60/60/30
    Clomid 25/25/25/25
    Aromasin 12.5mg ED for 3 weeks

    I’ll report back if I’ll lose any of the gains during PCT, but I highly doubt it.

    Thanks again, and for anyone who is about to try this: Have fun, but don’t forget that this shuts you down pretty bad, so order some PCT beforehand.

  20. Im like 4 days in, but without the andro the giant. Do I really need Andro the Giant or it’ll get be super angry like the hulk if I dont have andro the giants. Oh and how was it after you finished the last 10 days?

    • I got strong as hell off it, but like I said pretty irritable. Maybe you can handle it better than I did without a test base, but I’d probably be one pissed offf SOB without a test booster such as Andro the Giant or Dermacrine

  21. Hey john i was wondering do you think it would be possible to gain atleast 7 pounds of muscle with a 4 week cycle of super mandro?

      • Really is this stuff that good? What do you think is the maximum amount of muscle you could gain in 4 weeks with this? I know you said you gained 15 pounds but i feel like alot of that couldve been muscle memory especially since your already so big.

        • I had no muscle memory at all and tried that stuff. Gained 10kg and kept 7kg after PCT.
          It works goddamn awesome and makes you strong as hell. I was working out 2 hours without even feeling exhausted at one time.

          You will look great during the 4 weeks, PCT can be a bit disappointing since the small amount of weight you can lose again… but it’s still worth it, I think. If you are in any way prone to gyno take proper precautions. This stuff really made my E levels go through the roof in week 4. Used dermacrine as a base.

          Hope that helps.

          • As many as it said on the bottle. 3, if I remember correctly. Could have been less. The recommended amount. Wouldn’t go above that! There is really no need for it.

            I was 80kg when I started and 90kg when I finished. Gained some fat too since I tried to eat rather more than less, but most of it was muscle. It feels like my arms look way smaller now than during Mandro, but my back is still huge.

          • The only thing ive tried before super mandro was superdrol at 10 mgs everyday and i blew up off that now im about 190 lbs so do you think.4 caps a day of super mandro would be enough? I think.your arms feel smaller cause you lost all that extra glycogen and now instead of looking full and pumped all day long you only look pumped around your workout.

  22. I’ve had some pretty incredible gains stacking Anafuse + Ostashred (based on your original article!). But Super Mandro looks pretty appealing. Do you recommend switching or transitioning after my next PCT cycle? Or should I not rock the boat?

    • This is something that is not to be taken lightly, Super Mandro is comparable to the steroid dianabol in terms of strength and size gains, but dryer gains than D-bol. I would be sure to use a base with it like Dermacrine or Andro the Giant and definitely do not go more than 4 wks on it. Also may not be a bad idea to purchase some Eradicate or something to keep estrogen at bay. If one thing is for sure, the shit definitely works, I’ve seen peoples lab results when they quit using it, and it definitely requires PCT and probably an additional 6-8 weeks off using any other prohormone afterwards

    • Yes, 50mg/day would be good, I’d use it for 3 wks. You def wanna use a PCT on Super Mandro, I’ve seen peoples labs after they use it and it’ll put your test down

  23. Jon Doe,

    Will this show up on a drug test. I plan on taking this with dermacrine and than of course the pct afterwards. I should be done with the whole cycle by the end of April and I start the police academy July 18th. should I be fine by than if im only cycling this one time?

    • The police academy does not test for steroids and half the police are on them. So certainly a supplement isn’t going to mean jack shit. You think the city has the money to test for steroids? hahahaha, they do a basic 5 panel test in most places

  24. Hey john I’m starting to experience small slightly painful pea sized lumps under both nips. I’m pretty sure it’s gyno and I would appreciate any advice on how to shrink it down. I’m currently using aromasin to keep it from getting worse. Thanks!

    • I haven’t had to use it myself, but I’ve heard letrozol is the most effective thing for reducing gyno. You can keep it at bay but the only thing that will remove the tissue is surgery. Continue to hit the aromasyn at 20-25mg/day until it goes down, in the meantime order some letrozol and 1.5-2mg/day I believe is the recommended dosage for getting gyno symptoms to subside. Research letro because personally I’ve never used it but off top of my head I THINK that’s the recommended dosage to get gyno symptoms to go down

  25. Hey John, I’m starting my super mandro cycle tomorrow but I don’t have a base like Andro the giant but I do have DAA MAX by vitallabs and was wondering if this would be sufficient to use as a base and just pick up another bottle of this to take along side my pct.

    • you’d have to just try it, I read up on it and it claims to improve testosterone levels but I’ve used D-aspartic acid in the past (which made my hair start falling out) and IMO it wouldn’t bring levels up significantly enough to combat sides of Mandro, but it’s just something you’d have to try I suppose

  26. Hey John just following up on my other question

    So If I did the super mandro beginner stack with the andro as the base, do you recommend using clomid or using an otc post cycle, also on cycle do you recommend a over the counter support?

    • Wouldn’t hurt to take a liver support formula and yes, clomid would help with recovery as well as an AI. BEgin PCT rt away after you stop the Mandro

  27. Hey Joe, great write up. Im interested in Super Mandro, and never done a PH. However, you are recommending to stack Super Mandro with Androw The Giant, which is another PH. Would it be better to keep it simple, and just us Super Mandro with something like Blockaid during the cycle? Thanks.

    • no, because you want something in there that promotes an increase in natural testosterone production at the same time your taking Mandro or you’re going to feel ill

  28. Damn my man John,

    Supermandro makes you mad as fuck… I read this article a while ago and came back to it, I’m on my third day of Supermandro, doing a 4 week cycle, I added it in after the first two weeks of Androvar and Andro the Giant (6 week cycle). These 3 compounds are sick, first time cycle by the way ahaha. 195 pounds of steel at the moment, lets see if I can jump to 210.


    • yes, the shit works well, no doubt. If someone is a passive guy I’d actually suggest it, hahhaa. They’ll be a lion by the time the shit kicks in. But yes I was irritable on it, but hey as a guy who has been in the gym for 2 decades I’d say a 15 lb increase in a month is a lot!! Maybe I’ll get the nerve to try it again one day

      • For sure Supermandro is an excellent anabolic, apparently the Androvar (Stanolone) that converts to DHT gives you a calm alpha state of mind, by way of increasing GABA in the brain & simalteneously increasing norepinephrine, if its true it works out to combat the mandro-rage hahahaha. John is there other anabolics in your experience that have a positive effect on ones mood?

  29. Is there enough conversion to DHT to be concerned with baldness from Super Mandro?
    And what do you think of running a lower dose for a longer time period?

    • I’ll have to look more into DHT conversion but I’ll tell you that I. Prone to my hair falling out from certain things (mother’s father was balding) and I didn’t notice anything when I used it. I would definitely use a larger amount for 4 wks over a smaller amount for longer.

      • The stuff WILL make you strong as hell and pack on muscle mass. I think I was up like 15 lbs from it when I used it

  30. Good review man, I did run a cycle of this 5 months ago and shit man I shit you not the gains were unbelivable, it was my first cycle ever, I’ve never taken anything other than literally just protein and bs supplements like that bcaa amino acid etc……

    anyways I gained 19lbs in just 4 weeks and i’ve kept 85% of the size HOWEVER i do not get the same pump like I was on it OBVIOUSLY but hey man shit i felt like a beast bench went from 225lbs 5 reps to 315lbs 3 reps, but I did injure my shoulder bursa since I felt unstoppable and trained 4-5 hours every single day hardcore.

    It didnt change my mood tho, I was pretty calm.
    Only side effect was 0 sex drive and when peeing it would actually burn the tip but that went away after I doubled my water intake.

  31. Would you recommend using Joyful Joints with Super Mandro stack, since it’s all dry? Did you have any issues with your joints?

    • Yes, it’s always a good idea to use a joint supplement anyways. But no, I had no joint issues I noticed specifically from it

  32. Would andro the giant be equivalent to taking low dose testosterone. About how much could it raise your test levels in a 8 week cycle. seems to be at a much higher does than alot of the other 4 andro products, at 330mgs a day.

  33. Would andro the giant be equivalent to taking low dose testosterone. About how much could it raise your test levels in a 8 week cycle. seems to be at a much higher does than alot of the other 4 andro products, at 330mgs a day. .

    • I’m sure it would, although when I was using it I didn’t bet labs right after the cycle, just being honest with ya


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