The Best Supplement Stack For a “Skinny-Fat” Guy

Ok, so you're probably between 135-175 lbs and may consider yourself “skinny-fat.”

I talked about building muscle and cutting up for a skinny-fat guy in a previous article.

Now I'm going to elaborate on what supplements would be best to use for someone who is “skinny-fat.”

Now remember, no supplement is going to replace hard work and eating right, but there are ways to speed up progress!!

This article is for the guy who has already been in the gym or attempting to work out and just cannot get the desired results they want.

I am a firm believer in using supplements when you've exhausted other avenues such as diet and training hard, and for me to come right out and tell you to “buy this” would make me a hypocrite, so that I will not do.

The first thing you need to understand about building muscle and shedding fat as a skinny-fat guy is that muscle is a fat metabolizer.

So to try to start cutting up right from the beginning is not a route I would suggest, because it makes no sense to try shredding up muscle you do not have yet.

As you grow bigger and stronger your metabolic rate will also increase and you will re-composition your body.

There are ways to promote faster growth through using good supplements.

This is because there are supplements that are geared towards hydrating muscles(which works because muscle is made up of 75% water) and there are supplements that can put you in a more hormonal environment.

When you combine the two of those you will get faster muscle growth and a better response to weight training.

The top 3 supplements for skinny-fat bodybuilders

1. Vital creatine by Vital labs (1 bottle)

2. Anafuse by Vital labs (2-3 bottles – 8 week cycle with 2 bottles or 12 week cycle with 3 bottles)

3. Vital Vite (multi-vitamin) by Vital labs (45 days worth per bottle)

1) Vital creatine for skinny-fat guys

Creatine works by enhancing energy that is needed to support cellular function, mainly in muscles.

95% of stored creatine in the body is stored in muscles, so think of creatine as adding fuel to your muscles for increased strength, recovery, and harder workouts through more powerful muscular output.

Creatine can also serve as a fat burner, because once you start packing on more muscle you will increase your metabolic rate!!

Creatine is harmless and whatever you don't use you'll just excrete.

It's wise to increase water consumption while using creating, which you should be drinking plenty of water anyways!!

2) Anafuse for Skinny-Fat guys

Anafuse is a natural anabolic, which means it does not knock down normal hormone production, it simply enhances it!!

One of the key reasons this product works so well is because it's a Myostatin inhibitor.

Myostatin is a protein that actually limits muscle growing potential, and people who naturally have higher levels of this protein will have a harder time achieving overall growth potential.

Anafuse also increases the rate of protein absorption (like steroids also do) which means nutrients you consume will be better utilized in your body.

Anafuse can be used for as little as 4 weeks or as long as 12 weeks.

Now, if you're like me then you really don't want to get off a product just when results start rolling in, so I would highly suggest AT LEAST 8 weeks on Anafuse.

3) Vital Vite multi-vitamin for skinny-fat guys

Vital Vite is a great multi-vitamin because it's loaded with much more than normal multi-vitamins, at a price that is pretty much the same as inferior products!!

Not only does it provide all of the essential vitamins such as A, B, C, D and E, but it also included an amino acid complex, an anti-oxidant & liver complex, and a joint complex!!

All of this is included in one multi-vitamin from a very solid supplement company!!

But that's not all, there is more; there is a performance complex which includes Beta Alanine (frequently used in pre-workouts to enhance vascularity and muscle pumps) and L-Carnitine, which is a compound that promotes increased fat burning.

How could you go wrong with a daily multi-vitamin that is packed with all of that at the same price as other vitamins that are far inferior?

Look, I'm not just some guy who comes out with a sales pitch from products I haven't used myself. I use everything I talk about and give my honest review on products.


This is an affordable muscle building stack that will enhance results and most importantly, make you feel good!!

You see, the problem I've had with a lot of pro-hormones in the past was I just didn't feel good when I was on them.

To be completely honest, some of them made me feel ill and the side effects were worse than actual steroids!!

I'm not going to come on here and tell you guys to spend a small fortune on supplements that you don't need.

But in my honest opinion, these 3 products would be excellent for a guy who is looking to become healthier and add some quality muscle mass to his frame!!

Remember, there is no substitute for hard work and a good diet!!

But if you are at a point that you feel like you need a little extra “push” in the gym, you can end your search now and go with the recommended stack I'm suggesting.

For the guys who know me, you know I speak nothing but the truth and I wouldn't steer you wrong!!

Best of luck and train hard!!


>>Buy Vital Creatine here.

>>Buy Vital Vite Here.

>>Buy Anafuse here.


24 thoughts on “The Best Supplement Stack For a “Skinny-Fat” Guy”

  1. Great article John, I’ve pretty much grown accustomed to great articles by you. So I have a question, if I’m not skinny fat, but a pretty good muscular build at around %10-15 bodyfat do you recommend utilizing this stack for increased muscle and strength gains, as well as some shredding action? Would it be beneficial to also throw in Ostashred in the mix too? Thank you for your time and all the kick ass content!

    • I would recommend it to someone who has already been working out awhile on their own and wants better results. If you’re referring to “beginner” as a guy who has only been working out for a few months then I’d say no, because you’ll be packing on muscle fast anyways

  2. I’m still relatively new here, got introduced through Victor. You have amazing information, I’ve learned a lot.

    I have two questions:

    1) I decided to try vital labs DAA Max. I am 20, 190-200lb, 12-14% bodyfat, 6′ and have been lifting since I was 15. What are your thoughts on that product itself and on me using it?

    2) My roommates are both skinny (sub 150lb, but barely any fat on their bodies). They want to get into shape, what would be a good level for them to achieve before I even bring up the idea of supplements (outside of dietary ones)?

    • 1. Have not used that one, so cannot comment on it. I’m just not familiar with it
      2. I would say a good 6 months of hard training and food first

  3. Perfect post John!! I will buy this stack, it seems perfect! One quick question,, as a skinny-fat with a slow metabolism by nature( i had for a long time low body temperature, less than 97,5F) what may i do in order to speed my metabolic rate. You already said that muscle is the best fat metabolizer, but skinny-fats have not so much muscle mass.

    • You will get more muscle mass and in due time you’ll have a faster metabolism. Yes, there are thermogenics and fat burners you can take to jack up the metabolism, but it’s counterproductive when you’re trying to build muscle. You may be at an advantage building muscle because you WON’T be burning through everything, and you’ll get larger on less food than most people would require. Just put in the work and stick to this stack for now

  4. Hey John.

    First off, thanks for all the great articles.

    I started lifting about 6 months ago. For about the past month I’ve remained fairly stagnant build wise although I am still making progress with my lifts. A big part of it I believe is insufficient sleep so I’ve rearranged things to get at least 7 hours of sleep. I’m 28, 6′ and around 187 lbs at about 13 % bf. Is Anafuse something that would help me out now or should I wait a while to try it?


    • You could try it now, as long as you’ve been in the gym and are used to the regimen now. Sleep? hahahaha, we both share that issue, I’d love 7 hrs each night!!!

  5. Hey John,

    great article :). I have a question about creatine because I’ve never used it before.

    How many times per day should I take creatine and when should I take it?

    Thank you good sir!

    • I would just take it once a day, post workout. Mix it with some fast acting carbs like fruit juice or do like I do with powders, just drop it in your mouth and chase it, hahaha. On non-workout days just take it whenever. People place too much emphasis on timing and all that. My normal pill regimen is taking pretty much all my shit as I drink a cup of coffee each morning. Just be consistent with it, but yea on the creatine I would use it post workut with carbs, off days whenever. Drink plenty of water when on it too!!

      • Hey John, Thanks for the reply man. I took the creatine by just putting it in my mouth and washing it down with water. Get it done and over with. I also have been implementing the blue print diet for skinny fat guys by eating 5 meals a day and I have jumped from 139 lbs to now 151 lbs. I am short guy and 150lbs makes me look somewhat bigger. I can’t believe the way some girls look at me now :D it’s fucking awesome man! Train like a beast, good Diet with Anafuse and Creatine is the shit!

        One thing is that I still have the under belly fat, it’s not getting bigger, but just still kind of there. I am guessing If I continue this plan for awhile the newly gained muscles will burn off this fat? Thanks again.

        • maybe,but the newly gained muscle will definitely change your proportions. Keep gaining, Rome wasnt built in a day. Worry about cutting up later on, keep going flr gains rt now

          • I am up to 160 now and have been making that shake that has 1000 calories. It’s killer lol. I will keep gaining then. I read that you didn’t cut until one whole year at 225lbs. So I guess I won’t consider cutting for awhile. Thanks again for the knowledge and the replies. Cheers.

  6. Hey john, I’m 18 years old I’ve read your blog since the very begining, I’ve been lifting for a little over 1 1/2 years (120lb-145lb) … Do I have to cycle anafuse like Im doing I cycle or do I just run it for 8 – 12 weeks then I come off, I don’t need to run any kind of pct with this correct ? Thanks again john

    • I get this question a lot and I catch a lot of flack about my answer too. I DO NOT BELIEVE it requires a PCT because this product binds to muscle cell receptors without residual going to other parts of the body or aromatizing.

  7. Hey John,
    I do use these supplements and I recently started to my progress again- but despite being one of the biggest guys in my gym I ahve one problem- my lat workout sometimes is not optional. When I start doing lat pulldown (slow and good form) after usually 10 reps I get unbearably pump/or pain in my forearms or wrists (cannot tell exactly). My back workouts and progress when doing lat pulldowns are really limited because of that. I handle a lot of pain during my workouts- of course that is normal – but the type of pain here is just unbearable.. I dont even grip the bar anymore with the thumb but the problem still occurs.

  8. John Doe I love your blog looking forward to your new book on straight from the underground. What’s your recommendation supplement stack for a skinny guy that is muscular who weighs in at 135 and aim for 185 big and muscular any suggestion?

    • a lot more food first off, then just creatine and protein powder if you need extra protein or something between meals. You dont need anything else yet, just eat a lot more and train hard.

  9. Hi John Doe,

    I have been using vital vite multivitamins for a while now.

    The tablets which is usually a green/grey/brown powder is now bright yellow in the recent batch I ordered.

    There nothing on the packaging to indicate a change of formula!

    Please advise,

  10. Hey john i read your blog for a while and you defenetly inspired me.i just want to ask you, can i stacked anafuse also with pre workout( bsn n.o. xplode)? I work out 4 years already weight 175 lbs and have beutiful physice.Thank you and greetings :)


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