Stop Multi-Tasking and You May Reach Your Goals

stop sign

Every place you look now someone is multi-tasking. The world is full of people with no quality of life anymore. Just take a look around at everyone lately… texting while driving, trying to hold a conversation in person while texting at the same time, eating while working, trying to play with your kids while chatting …

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Downtime Dieting and System Reset

I’m sure many of you have read about “deload weeks” If you have not I will explain. A deload week is a week where you either use half the weight you normally work out with, half the sets (or both) or take a week off completely. Deload weeks are to give your body a chance …

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Medical Experts Know Nothing About Bodybuilding

doctor using laptop

I’m getting tired of people in half-assed shape trying to tell people in good shape exactly what they need to do to be healthy. Let’s face it, if any of these so called “experts” really knew anything they’d look better than they do. They’ve never lived what they’ve studied. All they hold is a piece …

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When to Change Up Your Diet

chicken in cast iron skillet

I’m going to go beyond what most internet sites and basic research will tell you about this topic. This is something most people will never need to be concerned with, but something a bodybuilder or very lean person should be aware of. When most people think of the word “diet” they think of a set …

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Weight Training: Time Under Tension (Part 1)

dumbbell rack

The next time you’re in the gym, take a look around you and watch how many people are half-assing their sets. Ask yourself how much their muscles really contracted during the movement. Anyone can bust out a quick set of curls or presses and appear to have done 10 or 12 reps. But the muscles …

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Performance Based Nutrition for Bodybuilders

raw steaks

Do you know what I’m getting extremely tired of hearing lately? I’m sick and tired of hearing all of these half-assed physique motherfuckers trying to tell everyone how to eat. The guy with the gut trying to tell me to go Paleo, the chick who looks like a meth head with rotten teeth trying to …

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What Doesn’t Kill You Only Makes You Stronger


And if it did kill you? You shouldn’t have been training with me to begin with! Piggybacking off my last post, I’d like to talk about the differences in training between the new trainee and the seasoned. When I first got into weights, I started with bodyweight movements in my bedroom, and a few simple …

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Disposable Heroes

He-Man and Castle Grayskull

I was a child of the 80′s, and as you know the 80′s and a good part of the 90′s were all about action flicks and heroes. It all started with my He-Man action figures. If you were going to be anything worth a damn in this world then you better look like He-Man. He-Man looked …

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Adapt and Overcome

man checking blood glucose level

So right now I’m going through some major shit, I went to the doctor’s office for blood work and the results didn’t come back good at all. It turns out as of right now I am diabetic. My fasting glucose was 346, and my A1C was 10.4, very dangerous levels. Nobody wants to admit when …

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